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The US Secretary of Security comments on possible nuclear weapons and warns of Russian swords

US Secretary of Homeland Security comments

on possible nuclear attack in Europe and warns against Russian "swords rattling"

US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas commented

on a possible nuclear attack in Europe.

In a speech on Tuesday, Mayorkas told the U.S. House of

  • Representatives Homeland Security Committee that
  • "a virtual nuclear bomb explosion in Europe
  • will not have direct health consequences
  • for the United States population.

"While the United States is concerned about

the rattling of Russian nuclear swords

we do not believe that a nuclear explosion in Europe would have any direct health consequences for the country's population."

"Traditional radiological and nuclear threats to the United States remain low. the likelihood of a large-scale radiation attack inside is extremely low ".

However :

  • we cannot exclude the risk of
  • fissile material and other unprotected or
  • at-risk sources in the United States," the Minister concluded.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry

Peskov noted earlier that

Western leaders practised nuclear discourse

on a daily basis and stressed that Russia did not want to participate.

Peskov also stated that Moscow can only use nuclear weapons according to the terms of its nuclear doctrine.

At the end of October

  • Lieutenant-General Igor Kirilov
  • ذCommander of the Russian Armed Forces' Radiological
  • Chemical and Biological Defence Forces

said that

  • "two Ukrainian organizations have specific instructions
  • for the establishment of the so-called dirty bomb
  • and for action at the last stage."

He also

explained that the Ukrainian side owned the raw materials needed at nuclear power plants, including Chernobyl, mining institutions, as well as scientific bases in Kiev and Kharkov.

Media: Western countries will not enter global conflict with Russia for Ukraine

International security analysts Ben Olerenshaw and Julian Spencer Churchill stated that the United States and NATO member states would rather "leave" Ukraine than start a global war.

These are the conclusions of National International by two analysts.

These conclusions came in their joint article on the possible evolution of the Ukrainian crisis into a nuclear war between Russia and NATO.

According to the article in the newspaper

"National Interest"

the disturbing fact is that self-sacrifice for Ukraine

is not in the interest of Western Powers.

According to experts

the stockpile of strategic nuclear weapons of the United States and its allies is lower than Russian, and NATO currently possesses "worse than useless" power.

Earlier :

  • Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that
  • both in the media and at the official level
  • the West there is an "infusion" of
  • the issue of nuclear weapons
  • which Moscow considers irresponsible.

The Russian Ambassador to Washington

Anatoly Antonov

also noted that the United States was trying to put other countries against Russia by talking about a looming "nuclear war", adding that the American authorities had turned everything upside down, accusing Moscow of irresponsible rhetoric.