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Major DeSantis donor found dead in parking lot after investigation into sexual misconduct


A large DeSantis

donor was found dead in a parking lot just days

after the start of an investigation into sexual misconduct

Last Monday 

  1. the body of an aide to Florida
  2. Governor Ron DeSantis
  3. was discovered in a parking lot.

After initiating an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct, Jacksonville defense contractor Kent Stermont is believed to have committed suicide on Thursday in front of the Mayport Post Office, according to Orlando Weekly.

This investigation is

ongoing and will keep going until it is finished.

As with all active investigations

  • Currently, little information is available for release.
  • "said Jacksonville Sheriff TK Waters.
  • However, once this investigation is complete
  • All relevant information shall be made publicly available.


owner of the overall military administration

gave DeSantis election campaigns more than $ 60 thousand

  1. and was nominated by
  2. the governor to the Board of
  3. Governors in charge of public universities.

After being forced out of his own district by redistricting in 2016, DeSantis moved into a residential apartment owned by Stermon in a newly created congressional district.

AG Gancarski

a contributor to FloridaPolitics

wrote that Kent "had a tremendous impact.

You won't have Ron DeSantis as governor without Kent Stermone.


Stermone suffered a stroke the week before and was discharged from hospital the day before his death. At that time, he announced that he would leave politics.

I'm as far away from politics as I can now

Stermone told Florida Politics.

  • My prognosis is positive
  • and I have just been discharged
  • However, I still have a lot of work to do to become healthy.

On 9 December

the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reported that Stermone was the subject of an investigation at the time of his death. In addition, he had health problems, according to Florida Politics.

Stermone served as a political adviser in the Duval County Republican Party. He served as President of Jacksonville's Comprehensive Military Administration and was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Florida State University System.

In addition

it served as the Governor's transitional

advisory committee to the Chief Public Safety Officer.

Just before his discovery

Stermon was reported missing, according to Atlantic Beach Police. At this time, no additional information will be provided in respect of the Stermon family.

TK Waters

  • the mayor of Jacksonville, who had just run for office
  • received support from Stermon.
  • Waters issued a brief post-mortem comment.

"My condolences to the Stermone family during the time they were lost," Waters said.

No doubt, their grief will be overwhelming, and my heart speaks to them.

Basic details of

  1. where and when to discover
  2. Stermon are provided in
  3. the Atlantic Beach police report.

Stermone served as CEO of Total Military Management

a logistics company that transports military personnel.

In addition

  • he was known to be close to
  • both former Jacksonville Mayor Mike Williams


Waters told WJCT News early in the afternoon of December 9 that Stermon was the focus of an "active investigation" that began a few weeks before his death.

This investigation is ongoing at this time

and will continue until its completion

Waters' statement said.

As with all ongoing investigations, limited information is available for release at this time.


once this investigation is complete

The public will have access to all relevant information.

In a Facebook announcement in 2016

Stermon's Sheriff's Office recognized the title of "Citizen of the Year,"

praising him as a community leader and "a major supporter of PAL and several worthwhile projects in JAX." Stermone was shown with Williams and made a quick tribute about him.

While he said

no passes on the badge have been detected" to Stermon

the sheriff's office also acknowledged to WJCT News in June that he had a badge that enabled him to reach the police station electronically.

Stermone had access to the memorial police building before Waters took office, according to the sheriff's office, when asked on December 9 if he still owned it.

The decision was made  after the election to remove his access privileges and he was so informed, JSO told WJCT News in an email.

Just hours before his death

Stermone texted Florida Politics reporter AJ Gankarsky:

Now that I've gotten as far away from politics as I can

My expectations are positive and I have just been discharged but I have a lot of work to do to be healthy. "