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Trump berates Paul Ryan for falling into the Democrats' trap: Paul was always a loser.


Trump berates Paul Ryan for falling into the Democrats' trap: 

Paul was always a loser.

Trump warned Republicans discussing cutting Social Security that they had fallen into one of the many "traps" Democrats are setting for the Republican Party with the American voter, and if elected again he would protect the vital program.

Trump said, "We're not cutting social security.

  • It's very simple. It's a simple answer.
  • We don't cut social security.
  • We have to protect her. It's a contract with the people.
  • They go. They work and they do.

They put their blood

sweat and tears into social security and then you have a man like Paul Ryan

or others who want to destroy him.

We have a contract. There are a lot of places we can take in terms of waste.

Look at the Green New Deal bullshit.

This is a few times social security, what they do with Green New Deal.

"This is like throwing money out the window.

I'm all for the environment. I'm pro-environment in the real sense of the word.

But the Green New Deal is like the Green New Trick.

  • It's a trick. Then when they talk about social security
  • they will destroy social security so they
  • can build more windmills everywhere that don't work?
Donald Trump unleashes an attack on Paul Ryan

This is not going to happen to me.

"They fell into the Democratic trap," he said of the GOP candidates who talked about cutting the program.

Trump said:

I heard that.

There were two men talking about it

and I said, "This is the end of his career."

But it is not a matter of occupation.

It's a contract with the people. They paid. They worked.

They have the right to do so.

There are a lot of things we can cut that are a lot more money than we're talking about. There are many things.

You don't have to cut social security. I will never do. "

Trump also warned the Republican Party

not to fall into the trap of abortion for Democrats.

Paul Ryan: Trump wins the most incredible political award

He said:

"Now, I think a lot of Republicans haven't dealt with abortion properly.

"I think if you don't have the three exceptions (for rape, incest and mother's life), it's almost impossible to win in most parts of the country.

If you don't have three exceptions 

I said to a very nice guy running for governor of Pennsylvania," If you don't have three exceptions, you can't win. "

"The same with Tudor. She didn't have the three exceptions.

Paul Ryan (R): Republicans are "worse off with Trump" at 202

I say this to the Republican Party:

if you don't have the three exceptions

because you know that Democrats are radical and they're going to kill the baby in nine months or they're going to kill the baby after the baby is born. Okay? This is more radical.

"But you know a time period of 15 to 16 weeks, but you should have three exceptions. If you don't have the three exceptions, you may die.


people have to be smart and you need people who believe in the right thing.

"People do what they believe. If someone doesn't really believe in exceptions, which I won't understand - rape, incest, mother's life, it's very easy to believe - but if someone doesn't believe in them, they must follow their heart.

"But I don't think they can be elected except in certain areas."

According to Breitbart

Paul Ryan is the main architect behind the social security cut-off plan:

Ryan also developed a new practical plan


as previously promoted and failed

causing irreparable harm to the Republican Party

to cut social security. The Ryan Plan, published following

the 2022 midterm elections

focuses heavily on cutting the long-term agenda.

Ryan is the plan's co-editor, released through the American Enterprise Institute


American renewal:

a conservative plan to strengthen the social contract

and conserve the country's financial resources.

In it, a collection of articles, many authors discuss "rethinking" social security.

"Paul is a loser," Trump told Breitbart News in response. "Paul has always been a loser."