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In an attempt to sing Happy Birthday to MLK III's wife, Joe Biden, forgets her name at Epic Flub


In an attempt to sing Happy Birthday to MLK III's wife, Joe Biden

forgets her name at Epic Flub

Joe Biden, the president, mispronounced Martin Luther King Jr. 's daughter-in-law on Monday as he tried to sing "Happy Birthday" to her on a federal holiday in honor of Martin Luther King.

Biden was trying to pay tribute to the 49-year-old Arndrea

Waters King but spoiled it. He said

Martin III :

  • we celebrate the legacy of your beloved father and your mother.
  • They worked for the beloved community.
  • But congratulations today honored including
  • I believe today is your wife's birthday.


There is a custom in my wife's family.

when it's someone's birthday, she sings" Happy Birthday.

 Are you ready?

  • Biden said before the song started.
  • however, when it was time to address her,
  • Dear Walz Dvet" after she came out empty.

The White House released a copy of Biden's remarks:

I spoke before parliaments, kings, queens and world leaders. I've been doing this for a long time, but then that's terrifying. (Laughter and applause). You're all awesome.

I - (Applause)

  • And let's rest one thing. I might be a practicing Catholic
  • we used to go to Mass 7:30 every morning
  • in high school and go to college

before I went to the black church. (Laughter) It's not a joke. Andy knows this.

Andy, it's great to see you

man. You are one of our greatest ever. You really are, Andy. (Applause.)

Andy and I have pursued apartheid in South Africa and many other things.

They didn't want to witness his approach. (Laughter.)

But we used to

we were organizing a march to desegregate the city.

My mandate

  • like yours, was separated by law.
  • We have been a slave state, and that is a great shame to us.
  • We had a lot of leftover bad things coming from that period of time.
  • But I -- anyway, this is another time. (Laughter) But I learned a lot.

And I promise :

if any preacher preached me at the time, I would almost never be the same. (Laughter) Actually, I have a bad reputation for talking for a long time.

He followed the path of Musa, the leader of inspiration, calling on people not to be afraid and always, my grandfather says, "keep the faith."

Follow Youssef's path.

Believing in dreams, with their God, in their promise.

  • Like John the Baptist
  • we were prepared for the greatest hope of the future
  • which came to bear witness to light.

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a non-violent warrior for justice and followed the word and manner of his Lord and sincere.

This Memorial Day

  • we meet at the dear Ebenezer on Dr. I say - I confirm the word "dear" Ebenezer.
  • And by the way, his sister: Every good man

  • Every decent brother requires a sister who is extremely powerful.

  • (Applause) You think I'm kidding.

I'm not Dr. King, and my sister is not you, but I'll tell you what: she's smarter, better looking, better personality than I am. (Laughter) I ran all my campaigns.

People, you know

this Memorial Day

where we gather here in this dear Ebenezer to commemorate Dr. King's 94th birthday, we gather to reflect on his moral vision and commitment to his way

 his way.

  • The road leading to the "beloved congregation"
  • to the holy place and that holy hour when justice
  • A good schedule rolled down like righteousness and water.

You guys

for the King family

  • No matter how many years have passed, I remain aware.

  • it doesn't matter how many years pass
  • those memorial days are difficult.

I want to thank the King family

who took pride in doing so, but on behalf of the whole group

for their willingness to do this year every year, because you offer so much 

so much to the rest of us. We love you all. We love you all. (Applause.)

To pay full tribute to Dr. King

we have to pay tribute to Ms. Coretta Scott King, who we sorely miss. (Applause) I led the movement that created the King's holiday and much more. In my view, this day is her day too. (Applause.)

And to Raphael Warnock -- pastor, doctor, senator -- (applause) -- congratulations on your historic victory. (Applause.)

Fellow Morehouse man.

(Applause) I got to know a lot of Morehouse guys.

That old adage, You can't tell them much, is funny.


But I tell you what 

  • in the White House for the first time
  • we created the Committee of Nine.
  • He's active every day. (Applause)
  • And I'm watching how graduates choose Morehouse men.

You stand on Dr.

King's rostrum and continue his goal.

This service does not stop at the church's door. It didn't happen with Dr. King, it wasn't with you, and the vast majority of you didn't stand - sitting in front of me.

I want to thank you for the honour of inviting me

to be an invitation to the American Church of Freedom in America.

Thank you to this congregation and to all the esteemed guests

elected and unelected officials who are here today and who have done so much over many years. A lot of young people will do a lot more than we were able to do. (Applause.)


it's good to see you.

Maybe I can get a picture with you when - before I leave, okay? Is that good?