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Fox News: US lawmakers review the issue of spending tens of billions of dollars for Ukraine


Fox News:

US lawmakers review the issue of spending tens of billions of dollars

for Ukraine :

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson confirmed that some members of the United States Congress had begun to "come to their senses" on the issue of disbursing billions of dollars to Ukraine.

Carlson quoted Republican Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky

who said that the U.S. Congress spent more on Ukraine in a year than on all roads and bridges in the United States, and called for a review of aid to Kyiv.

It turns out that this crime against our country is committed by the Democratic Party with the full participation of a majority of Republicans, a few of whom are opposed

he said.

Democrats don't want Americans to

understand where the $100 billion sent to Kiev went.

Carlson called US President Joe Biden's

announcement of sending billions more to Kyiv "insane.

He continued:

People benefit greatly from this.

People are getting richer than this. That is why Washington supports him.

The United States was paying a "serious" price for this support.

He referred to the recent statement by the Secretary of the United States Navy, Carlos del Toro, who described the supply of arms to Ukraine as a "cause for concern".

Carlson added:

In other words, you can defend Ukraine's or the United States' borders.

What is your choice?

Most members of Congress choose Ukraine

which reveals the whole truth to us. but some of them have come to their senses ".

Trump's son: US will sink into debt to support Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump's son has criticised the White House for its intention to provide additional financial aid to Ukraine, despite damage to Americans' livelihoods, and plunging the country into debt.

Trump's son said

  • and to sink into debt that w
  • cannot afford and transfer to our children and grandchildren.

At the same time, we can not even guarantee

the operation of our air transport system. great work, Democrats .

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) previously announced the disruption of the pilots' warning system, which affected flights in the United States.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Tel Aviv: We expect greater support from Israel

Speaking on Thursday night, the Ambassador said:

"We expect greater support from Israel, we have demanded in ten months of war that we be provided with defensive equipment..."

I hope that Israel will become our ally in a clear way

because a common enemy can only bring us closer

so I hope for stronger cooperation between our two governments.

We need :

offensive means to wage the war we will win whatever it is

 the ambassador said, urging Israel to stand "on the right side of history.

The new Israeli government announced that it would limit public talk of the Ukrainian crisis, while the Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine, Mikhail Brodsky, confirmed last month that Israel's relations with Russia created restrictions for Tel Aviv in relation to the Ukrainian crisis.