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The Daily Caller reveals the profits of members of Congress from military aid to Ukraine


Daily Caller reveals the profits of members of

the United States Congress from Ukraine's military assistance

Members of the United States Congress

  •  voted in favor of billions of
  • dollars in military aid to Ukraine
  • made considerable money from the Pentagon defense contractors' rolling stock.

The news portal The Daily Caller reported on Thursday.

  • noting that over the past year, U.S. lawmakers have approved
  • more than $20 billion in total military assistance to Kyiv
  • including $12.7 billion worth of weapons and equipment
  • sent directly to Ukraine from U.S. Department of Defense warehouses.

The portal also :

pointed out that in order to renew these deliveries

  • the leading U.S. defense companies increased their production significantly
  • and members of Congress who traded in
  • the company's shares made significant profits.

The news portal indicated that many of

them supported military assistance to Kiev.

In addition :

the article explained that many Republican lawmakers

who voted against such laws bought shares in defense companies.

As an example

  1. Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon)
  2. earned the highest profit among lawmakers since 2021
  3. on defense stocks - 40%.

Among Republicans

Margory Taylor Green

who voted against military aid to Ukraine, was at 35.5 percent of profits.

It annexed Crimea, an area that was part of Ukraine.

In the years since

Russia has supported separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine

leading to ongoing conflict in the region.

In response to Russia's aggression :

Ukraine received military support from the United States.

including weapons

training and other assistance. The aim of this assistance is to help Ukraine build its military capabilities and defend itself against further aggression from Russia.

The United States also sent military advisers to Ukraine to help train Ukrainian troops. In addition, the United States provided non-lethal aid, such as body armor and medical supplies, to help support Ukrainian troops.

While the United States provided military aid to Ukraine

it was also keen to avoid direct military confrontation with Russia.

Instead :

  • the United States focused on supporting Ukraine

  • and working with international partners to

In general :

the aim of US military assistance to Ukraine is to help the country defend itself against Russian aggression and preserve its sovereignty.

The United States remains committed to

supporting Ukraine's efforts to defend itself and build a more stable and secure future.

There have been several conflicts involving the invasion

or annexation of territory in Ukraine in recent history.

One example is the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, which began in 2014 when Russian military forces occupied Crimea and separatist forces took over

With Russia's help :

  • on parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine.
  • The conflict has killed thousands and displaced many people.
  • Another example is the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014

which the international community has widely condemned

as a violation of international law.

It is not clear what specific aspect of Ukraine's invasion or annexation it cares about