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The U.S. military trains Ukrainian troops to use Abrams tanks.


The U.S. military trains Ukrainian troops to use Abrams tanks.

The head of the U.S.

National Guard Bureau, General Daniel Hockanson, confirmed his elements' willingness to train Ukrainian troops in the use of American weapons, including Abrams tanks.

I cannot comment on :

the situation with Abrams tanks specifically

and I am not participating in those discussions

but I know that whatever the request to the National Guard

we have been implementing in coordination with the Ukrainian side since the start of our partnership in 1993," the general said during a press conference on Tuesday.

Hockanson added that U.S. National Guard personnel were training Ukrainian troops in Lvav before the start of the Russian military operation.

We continue to train them in Germany to use weapons systems and other things they may need our help with. Obviously, we will do everything they will ask of us. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that

  • the US administration tended to provide Ukraine with US M1 Abrams tanks
  • and that the announcement of supplies could take place this week
  • but US officials have yet to make their decision.

President Biden will announce Wednesday

the choice to supply Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

A US administration official announced that the White House had resolved its decision to provide Ukraine with "Abrams" tanks and that the official announcement could come on Wednesday.

In a statement to Al Jazeera 

the US official explained that after this decision

tanks will not be supplied from the Pentagon's stockpile, but will be purchased.

Earlier :

the Wall Street Journal reported that

the US administration was moving towards providing Ukraine with US "M1 Abrams" tanks, and that the announcement of supplies could take place this week, but US officials had not yet made their decision.

The paper explained that such a move might be part of

a diplomatic agreement between the US and Germany to persuade Berlin to send "Leopard 2" tanks to Ukraine or to permit other nations, like Poland, to provide Kiev with such weapons.

For her part :

White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said:

Officials at the United States Department of Defense have never ruled out tanks. there have always been difficulties with tanks, but they have never been removed from consideration .

On the other hand

the German government decided to supply Ukraine with "Leopard A62" tanks

which are included in the existing German forces' weapon gear, according to the German newspaper Der Spiegel.

Russian Ambassador in Washington:

Ukraine's supply of

tanks is a flagrant provocation and justification will not work

The Russian Ambassador to the United States

Anatoly Antonov

said that Ukraine's supply of American tanks would be a "flagrant provocation", and warned that it would be the target of troops and be destroyed.

In a statement on Wednesday

the Russian ambassador added that if the United States decided to provide Kiev with tanks, trying to justify the move by claiming it was "defensive weapons" would certainly not work.

Antonov considered this move "another blatant provocation against the Russian Federation. Nobody should harbor any delusions regarding the identity of the true aggressor in the ongoing conflict.

Without a doubt, if the choice is made to

  • supply Kiev with Abrams tanks
  • American tanks will be destroyed
  • by our military in the same way as other NATO equipment.

Antonov noted that the United States of America

was trying hard to defeat Russia's strategy

stating that (Washington) approves the use of American assistance in the attack on Crimea. It covers the crimes of extremists against the inhabitants of the Donbass, Zaporoje and Jerson regions. 

American officials and experts themselves recognized that

A "proxy war" was being waged against Russia at the time.

The Ambassador drew attention to the fact that Americans were beginning to talk about military aid to Ukraine, especially when Russian troops achieved victories.

The statement commented on US media reports that President Joe Biden is expected to announce on Wednesday that 30 to 50 Abrams tanks will be transferred to Kyiv.