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Half of the women in my administration are women. Biden is blowing up social media


In my administration, there are more women than men.

A statement from Biden exploded the communication sites

US President Joe Biden stated that half of

His administration includes females.

Of course

  • and perhaps what the president meant was that half of
  • the employees in his administration are women, but that
  • statement sparked a storm of sarcastic comments on

social media, adding to the list of missteps that

the American president usually makes.

Among the comments that went viral on

Russian social media was that of a Russian journalist from Donbass

Yulia Vityazeva

who posted on her official Telegram channel:

  • Not every woman who wears a skirt and paints her lips is actually a woman.
  • Nor is everyone who you name Herself a woman is
  • by nature a woman.But these women

who consider themselves women, are still women

and they must be treated as such

even if they wear men's underwear. Anyone who thinks otherwise is reactionary and homophobic. What is Needs understanding here? - More than half of the women in my department are women."

Women in Biden's administration have made great

strides in achieving gender equality in politics

economics :

and society. President Biden has adopted a resolute position on

support of women's rights

and has made a concerted effort to

put women in positions of authority inside his government.

One of the key ways in which President Biden is

promoting women's leadership is through the appointment of

women to key cabinet positions.

For example

he has appointed women to lead the Department of

Homeland Security :

  • the Department of Health and Human Services
  • and the Department of Transportation, among others.
  • Significant changes from past administrations are being made here.
  • where women were often underrepresented in top leadership positions.

In addition to appointments

President Biden has also introduced several initiatives aimed

at promoting gender equality.

For instance

  • he has signed the Paycheck Fairness Act
  • Despite the fact that there is still plenty to do
  • and guarantee that women are paid equally for equally hard work.

He has also taken steps to promote reproductive health and rights

including the reversal of the so-called "gag rule," which limited access to reproductive health services for women in developing countries.

Additionally, President Biden has pledged to

  • addressing the problem of sexual violence and harassment
  • both at the office and in society at large.
  • This includes the formation of

a White House Gender Policy Council

which is tasked with coordinating

and implementing policies that promote gender equality.

Overall :

  • advance the cause of women's empowerment and rights.
  • From appointments to policies, President Biden is

demonstrating a commitment to ensuring that women are represented and included in the decision-making processes that shape our country and our world.

In conclusion :

the administration of women in Biden's politics is

a positive step forward in the journey towards gender equality.

Despite the fact that there is still plenty to do

the appointment of women to key leadership positions and the introduction of initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality are important steps towards a more equitable future.