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American writer: Putin "did not exaggerate" when he criticized modern Western values


American writer:

Putin "did not exaggerate" when he criticized modern Western values

The American author, Lionel Shriver, said Russian President Vladimir Putin

was right to sharply criticize all modern Western moral values.

In an article for The Spectator :

Shriver explained that

"Putin was right when he declared war against the West

which was stripped of its spirit and values :

  • and became not only a cradle of high capitalism
  • but also of fascist propaganda, homosexuality, bisexuality
  • and gender change supporters."

The author stressed that :

  • the West's interest in the LGBTQ community
  • had exceeded all moral and intellectual boundaries
  • over the past decade, suggesting that

the United States :

and the West would have to acknowledge that Putin was right in his

war against them, and that he did not lie or distract when criticizing their values.

A real dilemma was that :

the leaders of the United States

and the European Union did not choose politicians

judges :

  • police officers, military commanders
  • members of the Government and managers
  • in accordance with their qualifications
  • but based on different values and concepts that

required them to be black, Latino, gay and transgender, as well as women.

The author concluded that most of :

Putin's statement about the deterioration of Western civilization is mentioned in every number of national Western and American newspapers. "

Earlier :

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Western countries

were destroying their own values, by recognizing sexual

and moral deviations, including child sexual abuse as a natural way of life.

Putin criticized the West:

All the scriptures and religions talked that

the family is a union between a man and a woman

  • the West's attempts to distort values and dictate its cultur
  • saying that all scriptures and religious references spoke of

the family consisting of a man and a woman.

In a speech to :

the Federalist Assembly on Tuesday :

Putin said the Anglican Church was studying the idea of a "neutral sex"

god and working to distort values, destroy the family and spread homosexuality.

He added :

  • It became known that the Anglican Church
  • was studying the idea of a neutral sex god
  • They don't realize what they're doing .

Putin noted that the synod (general meeting)

of the Church of England had already decided to bless same-sex couples.

Putin said :

What I want to say here is that

adults have the right to live as they want

we have dealt with this in Russia :

and we will always deal with the principle of

no one interfering in private life and we will not do so.

But I want to tell them :

look at the scriptures and the master books of

all the other religions of the world, I have talked about

everything :

including that the family is a union between a man

and a woman, but even these sacred texts are now being questioned. 

Putin :

noted that the Church of England was exploring the use of

gender-neutral terms to refer to God.

Bishop of :

Litchfield Michael Ipgraf said earlier that the church had been studying the issue for several years and the draft language would be considered in that context next spring.