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Putin directs the world's attention to Russia. “Investing in Russia is better and safer”


Putin is turning the eyes of

the world towards the Russian East.

"Investment in Russia is better and safer"

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on Tuesday about the advantages of

investing in Russia, stressing that investing in Russia is better and safer.

Addressing the plenary meeting of

  • the Economic East Forum held in the Russian city of
  • Vladivostok on Tuesday, Putin also referred to
  • the significant components of Russia's Far East region.

The following :

are Putin's most prominent statements:

  • The Far East is Russia's strategic priority during the twenty-first century.
  • Against the backdrop of the West's demolitions, economic relations
  • are developing between States in different regions of the world.

There is a new non

golden billion model in the world. Multipolarity model.

Trade and economic cooperation between Russia

and the Asia-Pacific region will continue to evolve.

Russia and the Far East are open to trade and economic relations.

42% of the areas where forests

  1. natural resources
  2. diamonds
  3. minerals and others are spread within Russia.

Trade between Russia and the Asia-Pacific region increased

by 13.7% over the past year, and by 18.3% during the first half of this year.

There are customs and tax concessions within Russia to

help the business community in the Far East.

Many of Russia's :

eastern provinces are among the best economic zones around

the world :

and the results and indicators are the clearest evidence of this.

Gold extraction in the Far East increased

by 1.6 times and coal by 2.8 times.. That is, production doubles.

We were able to study and extract only 35% of the fields and mines in the Far East.

It all gives assurance to the State's strategic inventory of raw materials.

Investment dynamics in

the Far East are 3 times faster than those in all of Russia.

We set aside 2.3 trillion roubles (about $24.4 billion)

for area development projects in the Far East.

We extend gas to

the eastern regions and work to secure clean energy for these areas.

The Arctic LPG-2 project is based on Russian technology

unparalleled in the world.

The production of liquefied gas in Russia will triple

thereby enhancing Russia's industrial and productive capacity.

A special pipeline will be built to export "YAMAL-2" gas.

Some Western countries continue to invest in

the Russian Far East despite some obstacles.

Russian Arctic LNG

production is expected to increase

3-fold to reach a level of 64 million tons per year by 2030.

Investment in Russia is better and safer.

New aviation routes must be found :

particularly within the Far East region. It is essential to build airports, modernize

old airports, and find routes for aircraft for both commercial and transport flights.

Construction of the standardized transport corridor from Petersburg to

Vladivostok has begun, and the corridor has now reached Kazan.

Rare plants

and animals in the Russian Far East must be protected.


Businessmen have had a problem grabbing their resources.

  • Those who do so do not understand
  • the negative repercussions and do not realize that
  • this is why the dollar transaction is so low
  • turning to settlement in other currencies

and wondering whether there is logic in investing in U.S. bonds.

The freezing of Russian resources was not a problem per se.

We were able to make twice what they froze. It's the problem with a crack at trust.

We see how

  • the production chains came back to work naturally
  • and the national currency went back up.
  • We must agree with the business community that

working within Russia is safer, so that we don't fall in the same hole twice.

The decline in

the ruble is linked to various factors

including the fact that the production chains for import were not systematic

the pace of import has now increased, and the need for hard currency has increased.

The Central Bank

  1. has taken effective
  2. and timely action regarding
  3. market control and inflation control.


The central bank has taken effective

and timely action with regard to market control and inflation control.

The Government

does not consider it necessary to raise taxes.

  • Russia has already made twice as much from its gold
  • and foreign exchange reserves.
  • There will be no nationalization or de-privatization in Russia.

Businessmen must not be afraid of

any actions by the State, but must abide by the laws of the State.

Elon Musk

  • and a successful businessman and everyone acknowledges that.
  • We are successfully trying to attract private investors to work in space.

The average life expectancy of

the Russian citizen in the current year was 73 years, and it was 71 years in 2021.

The decision to

  • run for the 2024 presidential election will be after
  • the Russian Parliament puts forward the possibility of candidates to
  • run at the end of this year, when the talk will be.

The US

elections will not affect the direction of

relations between the two countries.

President Trump's impeachment demonstrates how brutal the American democratic system is, and strikes what they claim is democracy. It is a political trial of a political rival.

Our relationship

with the West is linked to their geopolitical desires.

Trying to call us the "evil empire"

and when Russia became strong and competitive

the policy of containing and deterring Russia began just as with China.

They do what they can to stop China's progress

but they will not succeed.

  • It is also a matter of India
  • Indonesia and others. These economic centres
  • have emerged and no one will be able to stop them

and those attempts will harm the West itself.

I spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping four hours on

a large number of issues and details. We could reach a trade this year of

$200 billion. We agreed on a number of positions, working for each other.

Most important in :

our relationship with China is that we do not create 

any military bloc, do not ally against third countries and will continue on this path.

China is

an independent state and proceeds

from its own interests like Russia. We listen to each other

and Chinese partners open some markets for us

including the coal market, despite the development of their coal industry.

We will partner :

with Chinese in the heavy-load helicopter industry.

If the United States of America wants Ukraine to negotiate

order Zelensky to change Ukraine's laws that prevent anyone from negotiating.

  • There are no results of Ukraine's counter-attack

  • in which Ukraine lost 71.5 thousand military personnel.

  • Ukraine has previously declared its refusal to dialogue
  • if it wants dialogue now let it be. D

How can we stop

firing while the enemy is counter-attacking?

The law prohibiting negotiation must be changed first

and the willingness to negotiate second must be declared.

The White House :

administration has previously declared the use of

cluster bombs a war crime. Now they provide these bombs to Ukraine.

The United States does everything for its interests without any other considerations. They provide cluster bombs and depleted uranium munitions and hit the wall with all the principles.

All these munitions and weapons have not been changed

and the provision of F-16 fighters will not alter any results of the military operation.

The Ukrainian

leadership does not care about the fate of its people.

  • they admitted training by the British from special devices to
  • sabotage the nuclear plant's electrical supply lines.

Does the British leadership know of training Ukrainian military personnel to sabotage the nuclear plant? Or don't they know about it? Are they deliberately provoking us?

We presented our

10-year settlement plan in Armenia

convinced Armenian partners that they would fight.

The Armenian leadership has now recognized Azerbaijan's control of


Our offer to our friends in Armenia was two of the 7 Qarabagh regions.

If Armenia

  • recognizes that Karabakh is part of Azerbaijan
  • what should we do. Now Azerbaijan wants to
  • negotiate with us on a bilateral basis.

There are no issues with Armenia

and I am in contact with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

However :

Armenia itself recognized Azerbaijan's authority over Karabagh.

Over the past 6-7 months

  • 270 thousand volunteers have joined the Russian army
  • at the rate of 1000-1500 people coming to write contracts
  • with the Russian armed forces.


The men of our armed forces know that

they are defending their people and their people.


Despite all the sanctions and restrictions

  • our economy has continued to thrive. Russia has become one of
  • the world's most successful purchasing power economies.
  • The inflation level is under control, and the unemployment rate is 3%.

The Economic East 

orum is held from 10 to 13 September 2023 in Vladivostok

on the campus of the Far East Federal University.

The event is a platform for attracting investments to

the Russian Far East region and a platform for participants to

examine the challenges facing the economy in Russia and the world at large.