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Rare scenes of a humpback whale exploding at all by sea of blood!


Rare scenes of :

a humpback whale :

exploding at all by sea of blood!

The moment a dead whale wobbles into the ocean

launching a "last burp" before exploding and spreading corrupt blood and guts.

A group of

whale watchers witnessed the "National Geographic Moment"

off the coast of California :

depicting a lifeless humpback whale in the Pacific Ocean.

As the boat approaches the corpse

  • water is thrown from the mouth and trapped gases in the abdomen
  • resulting in an eruption of internal organs, including spleen

This event allowed the dead whale to slowly sink to

its final resting place on the deep seabed.

This video caused a stir online after it was shared

via the animal's popular Instagram account, Nature Is Metal.

He first posted

the clip on the Ozzy Mans Video Licensing account

which credits Shayne with capturing the moment.

The comment on Nature Is Metal states:

  • These violent explosions are unique to whales
  • all this gas accumulating inside after their metastasis.

When an animal is spent :

bacteria inside the carcass produce methane gas as part of

the decomposition process. If the gas is not released from the body

it accumulates gradually until the explosion.

Methane gas accumulates in the animal's main body cavities

leading to its bloating -- a sure sign of an explosion on the horizon.

The humpback in the video began to sink after the gas was released

but its body is so large that it is likely to land on the seabed intact.

National Geographic reports indicate that entire communities will grow around

the body. The sharks will first appear, which will tear the tissue

and crumble the body.

After that :

the organisms that feed on the bones will arrive to complete the task

but the whole body will not disappear for at least another 30 years.