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Israeli media reveals information about Houthi rockets fired


Israeli media

reveals information about Houthi rockets fired

The "INEWS24" channel published a report indicating that Saudi Arabia intercepted a rocket fired by the Nassar Allah Houthi group last week, which was potentially destined by Israel.

The channel quoted US media confirming that the Houthis

had fired 5 cruise missiles supplied by Iran.

The Red Sea aircraft carrier USS Karni intercepted 4 of them

while Saudi Arabia intercepted the fifth missile.

She quoted US officials familiar with their assertion that "the Saudi objection was based on Riyadh's desire to protect its airspace."

The channel quoted

Pentagon spokesman General Patrick Ryder as saying earlier that

the rockets were effective, up to 2,000 km in range and capable of reaching Israel.

However, at his press conference last week, the Pentagon spokesman did not mention the weapons used by US forces to intercept Houthi missiles.

The Pentagon

had reported that the United States

ship had shot down missiles and a number of drones from northern Yemen

with media reports saying that they had reached 30, potentially towards Israel

but currently there was no indication that they

were the final destination of the missiles.

The Israeli

channel noted in its report that

the Houthis claimed to have liquid-propellant missiles, known as "Tufan"

which could reach a range of 1350 to 1950 km (839 to 1212 miles)

enough to put Israel within close range of targeting, noting that

the distance between Yemen and Israel

which separates Saudi Arabia, is 1,580 km apart.