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Coleba for Schulz Coffee: Best Birthday Gift from Berlin


Coleba for Schulz Coffee:

 Best Birthday Gift from Berlin

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine was pleased to invite the German adviser to the Prime Minister of Hungary to sip coffee outside

the room after discussions of Ukraine's support

for a deadlock in the European Union.

In an interview with Bild

Ukrainian Minister Dmitry Kouliba added: 

"What German Chancellor Olaf Scholz did at the summit to prevent

Hungary's threat from waving the veto will go down in history. 

This is probably the best birthday gift from Berlin. "

Earlier, Politico reported that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban to leave the chamber 

when European Union leaders

voted to begin negotiations on Ukraine's membership.

It allowed the leaders of 26 European countries to take

a decision in favour of starting negotiations with Kiev.

The paper stresses that Schultz's strategy has been surprising

and surprising in Brussels and beyond, because the chancellor's

performance on

the European stage since his appointment in 2021

has been disappointing so far. Critics noted his lack of negotiation

and tactical communication skills compared to former

German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to the paper

the idea of a European Union leader leaving the Chamber

with the aim of achieving unanimity is highly unusual.


European Union officials and diplomats at Thursday's summit

were unable to determine whether Schultz's move had been used before.

However, Hungary's Foreign Minister Peter Cararto denied

the reports and described Politico as a yellow newspaper.

In turn, Orban stressed that his country had not changed its position

and would not share "this bad decision" with other countries.


Hungary had stated that it categorically disagreed

with the commencement of negotiations with Kiev on

Ukraine's membership of the European Union and had suggested that

the issue should not even be brought to the top, but returned to it

"within 5 to 10 years" after the development of a new strategy

for relations with Ukraine.

In turn

Poland's Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Michel

Kolodziichak stated that Ukraine's accession to

the European Union could significantly harm EU agriculture.

"Politico": Schulz calls Orban for "cup of coffee"

after Ukraine support discussions deadlock


the European Union Summit decided to begin negotiations on

the Union's future membership with Ukraine and Moldova

and also granted Georgia the status of candidate State.

A European Union source told reporters in Brussels that Orban

had "temporarily left the room where the vote took place." 

At the same time

the source confirmed that it had been agreed with Orban in

advance that he would leave the chamber before the vote. 

According to the newspaper

Schultz suggested that if Orban did not really want to agree to

start negotiations with Ukraine, he should consider leaving

the room for some time.

The German Chancellor

believes this will allow the leaders of 26 European countries to

take a decision in favour of starting negotiations with Kiev

and the Hungarian leader will be able to say that he did not vote for him.