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Russia: Israel considers UN Security Council resolution as permission to clear Gaza




Israel considers UN Security 

Council resolution as permission to clear Gaza

The first deputy delegate of Russia to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky, stated that the "inconclusive resolution" adopted by the Security Council on the Gaza Strip had been unable to stop Israel's ongoing cleansing of the Strip.

In his Telegram channel, Polyansky wrote: 

"What is happening (now) is exactly what we warned us about during

 the process of voting on the humanitarian resolution on Gaza.

 Israel interprets it as follows: creating conditions

 for a long ceasefire implies continuing clearance of the Strip ".

He added: 

"What the Palestinians and the Arabs in general have benefited

 from this text remains a mystery to me. Without their urgent requests

even their pleas

 we would have vetoed this -- the inconclusive decision.

The diplomat commented on Israeli 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement on the expansion of

 the Tel Aviv military operation in the Gaza Strip, which is suffering

 from the scourge of war.

The Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations

Vasily Nebenzia, had confirmed that he had not vetoed the Security

 Council's humanitarian resolution only in solidarity with Arab States.

Nebenzia stressed that Russia 

"categorically disagrees" with the content of the adopted resolution 

and noted that "responsibility for all possible consequences will fall on 

those States that have given their consent to its version

which has been paid by the United States, and we cannot agree".

Before the vote, he stressed that 

the United States had included a dangerous element in

 the draft resolution it had adopted that would allow Israel to clear

 the Gaza Strip

noting that by that resolution

the Israeli armed forces will have the margin to act fully to clear

the Gaza Strip as they do. Whoever votes on the resolution 

will be complicit and responsible for the destruction of Gaza".

The United

Nations Security Council adopted

a draft resolution prepared by the Arab States aimed at facilitating 

the flow of humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip. 

13 States voted in favour of the document. 

Russia and the United States abstained.