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10 extraordinary treasures discovered by archaeologists in 2023!


10 extraordinary treasures discovered

 by archaeologists in 2023!

Researchers made extraordinary discoveries in 2023

\with priceless ancient treasures found.

1. Huge collection of coins in Japan

During the construction project of a factory north of Tokyo

workers were impressed when they discovered a cache of 

about 100 thousand coins buried at the site.

The group of currencies was divided into 1060 packages

dating from 175 BC to 1265 AD. To date, researchers

 have examined about 334 coins.

2. Underwater temple overflows with sunken treasures in Egypt

During their exploration of a canal off Egypt's Mediterranean coast

 archaeologists discovered a partially collapsed underwater

 temple filled with treasures.

The temple collapsed at some point during the mid-second century BC

and was built for the ancient Egyptian god Amon, revealing a wealth of 

"treasures and secrets", including silver ritual tools

 gold jewellery and Marmar bowls.

3. Rainbow Cup "Missing" in Germany

Researchers found the 2000-year-old Rainbow Cup, silenced by Celts (a group of Indo-European peoples in Europe and Anatolia) beside a river in Germany. The cup-shaped gold coin has a rare design element: a quad star surrounded by arches.

4. Civil War-era coins buried in Kentucky

A man working in a cornfield in Kentucky discovered 700 Civil War

era coins minted between 1840 and 1863, as well as a handful of silver coins.

5. "Eye-catching" gold ring in a Bronze Age burial in Wales

The "glossy golden ring" was part of 

a Bronze Age burial discovered along a road in Wales.

When archaeologists excavated the burial site, they also discovered

 a wooden comb, believed to be the oldest of its kind in the United Kingdom.

6. Bronze Age swords and thousands of medieval coins in Germany

A group of volunteer conservationists discovered nearly 8,000 medieval coins

 and seven Bronze Age swords, while working in

 three separate locations in Germany.

Archaeologists believe 3,000-year-old

 swords may have been placed there as part of the sacrifice.

7. Iron Age glass workshop full of Celtic coins in Czech Republic

Archaeologists have discovered the oldest known glass workshop north of

 the Alps, and believe it may have been used for ritual purposes.

The 2,300-year-old workshop contained a number of ready and complete glass

 and amber items, including beads and bracelets, as well as 2,000 gold

 and silver coins.

8. Landslide reveals two gold necklaces in Spain

A landslide in northern Spain revealed two ornate gold necklaces

which were buried about 2,500 years ago.

The first C-shaped necklace was discovered by the utility worker

while the second necklace was discovered by the metal detector. 

Based on the method and technique used to make jewellery

archaeologists concluded that the necklaces were made around 500 BC

during the Iron Age in Iberia.

9. Discovery of coins hidden in an old Buddhist shrine

Archaeologists in Pakistan have found a 2000-year-old collection of bronze coins among the ruins of an ancient Buddhist shrine known as "Stopa." 

Coins and the shrine are associated with the Kushan Empire

a Buddhist political system that has governed

 the region since about the second century B.C.

10. Copper coins hidden in a pitcher of clay in Poland

A metal scout who was looking for parts for tractors in a farmer's field in Poland was surprised to find a treasure of 1,000 copper coins buried under topsoil.

Additional excavations revealed "Suak" of broken mud - a jug made locally with one handle and a narrow neck - overflowing with minted coins in Warsaw during the seventeenth century.