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US sanctions Russian fish

The United States Treasury Department has imposed a ban on

the import of salmon, cod, blogs, Russian crabs and derived products

which are caught in Russia or in Russian waters.

The import ban imposed by U.S.

 President Joe Biden's Executive Order applies to

the following categories of fish: salmon, cod, blobs, crab

seafood and prepared products obtained wholly or partly in Russia 

or caught in Russian-controlled waters, or by Russian-flagged vessels."

Regardless of whether these fish, seafood and products derived

from them have been incorporated or substantially processed

 in another product outside Russia," the statement added.

The White House:  announced on Friday that U.S. 

President Joe Biden had signed a decree expanding the legal basis

 for sanctions against Russia.

In particular

the decree allows the separation of banks

which are proven to help Russia "circumvent the sanctions imposed" 

on its military industrial complex, from the financial system.

The US administration

also has additional opportunities to prevent

the import of products of Russian origin

if they are processed deeply in third countries

and diamonds, seafood and alcoholic beverages are being talked about.

For its part, Russia asserts that

it will deal with the pressure of sanctions that the West

 has embarked on against it for several years and continues to increase

considering that the West lacks the courage to acknowledge

 the failure of sanctions against it.

President Vladimir Putin also emphasized earlier that Russia's policy of

containment and weakening is a long-term strategy for the West

and that sanctions have dealt a serious blow to the entire global economy

The main goal of the West is to damage the lives of millions of people.

US ban on imports of

Russian fish products will hit the US market first

President of the All-Russian Association of Fisheries Companies

Entrepreneurs and Exporters Germain Zverev announced that the U.S.

ban on importing Russian fishery products would hit the U.S. 

market in the first place.

Commenting on 

the United States' announced ban on the import of 

fish products from salmon


blobs and Russian-origin crabs, Zverev noted that

 the shortage of cod may also be added to

 the acute shortage of crab originally found in the United States.

The traumatic shock of the decision of

 the United States government will be felt by American consumers

not Russian fishermen," he said in a conversation with RIA Novosti.


the U.S. Treasury Department imposed a ban on the import of

 marine products (salmon, cod, blues and Russian crabs).