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For the first time.. Apple becomes the most popular smartphone manufacturer in the world!


For the first time..

 Apple becomes the most popular 

smartphone manufacturer in the world!

Apple overtook Samsung to become the world's most popular

 smartphone manufacturer for the first time.

iPhone has shipped over 80 million devices in 2023

according to a new report by International Data Corporation (IDC)

which saw its total market share reach 24.7%.

Apple's high market share leads it to outperform Samsung

which has been first since 2010.

Nabila Bhopal, Director of Research at IDC


"While we saw some strong growth from low Android operators

such as Transsion and Xiaomi in the second half of 2023, as a result of 

rapid growth in emerging markets

it is clear that the biggest winner is Apple.

 Not only is Apple the only company in the top three to

 show positive growth annually, it also occupies the top spot annually

 for the first time ever. All this despite facing growing regulatory

 challenges and renewed competition from Huawei in China, its largest market ".

Bhopal attributed 

Apple's success to the growing popularity of premium devices

which now account for more than 20% of the market.

The latest data comes amid a decline in consumer interest in smartphones, according to data from market analysis firm Canalys. The latest shipment figures revealed that global demand for smartphones fell to its lowest level in a decade last year.

The IDC report 

was published ahead of Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event

which will see the South Korean electronics giant unveil

 the latest collection of smartphones.

Samsung faces increasing competition from other Android devices, with Google

 Honor, OnePlus and Xiaomi offering alternatives at different price levels.

"The overall shift in ranking at the top of the market further highlights

 the intensity of competition within the smartphone market," said Ryan Reith

who works in IDC's global mobility and consumer device trackers division.

A new feature of Apple enrages users!

Apple was outraged by sharing a guide showing how to add 

"them" pronouns in the new iOS 17 update.

Social media has been raging, calling this feature

 "unnecessary" and "a waste of modernization."

In a post shared on X

 the official Apple Support Account wrote:

 "In iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, you can now add pronouns in contacts. Here's the way ".

Apple subsequently shared a step-by-step guide, including an example of

 adding "them" pronouns to the contact person's information.


there seems to be some confusion about this point, as the update

allows users to add pronouns to other people's contacts rather than their own.

There is an option for users to add pronouns to their contacts

but this information is stopped by default. This means that

caller pronouns will only be displayed if the user chooses to add them.

However, according to many commentators on X, this change was 

the last straw and they are now considering, moving away from Apple products.

This is not the first time Apple has caused

 a stir by including alert features in its updates.

Last year

users were outraged after the company added a "clean energy charging"

 option that slows charging when sustainable energy is not available.

The biggest change was the creation of the NameDrop feature, which added

 the ability to quickly share contact information with other iPhone users.