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Israel talks about Russian crocodile plane



talks about Russian crocodile plane

Israeli news website nziv said the Ka-52 helicopter officially entered service

with the Egyptian Air Force in December 2018, after being announced

at the EDEX exhibition that year.

The site indicated that the helicopter is an export version of the Ka-52

Tanin or Ka-52K (Mudshark) designed to operate

 from the French amphibious attack vessels of the Mistral class ordered 

by Russia in 2010, but was eventually sold to Egypt in 2014.

In 2015, Egypt signed an agreement with Russia to purchase

46 Ka-52 helicopters, delivered between 2017 and 2020.

The Fisher rocket has a range of 10 to 12 kilometres per day

and more than 8 kilometres during the night

and can penetrate 1000 mm of armour thanks to the tandem

rocket's charge of up to 12 kg and up to 1.8 mach.

The "Kamov"

helicopters are armed with 12 such missiles using a APU-6 launcher of

6 missiles on each side. The missile can be stored for 10 years without

any maintenance operations while maintaining its combat capability.

The Fécher-M ultrasonic air-to-surface missile has a double hollow

combat head capable of penetrating 900 mm armour. The rocket is directed

at the target from 10 kilometres by day and 8 kilometres by night.

The fire command system allows multiple targets

 to be hit simultaneously from one helicopter.

The missile is placed inside the transport and launch container that is stuck

under the helicopter's wing. The container weighs 59 kilograms 

with the ready rocket.

The design of

 the rocket is a cylindrical object with a length of 2.75 meters

 and a diameter of 130 mm with a sharp streamlining head.

At the front of the missile is a vent and at the back is a wing 380 mm wide.

 The total weight of the combat cargo is 12 kilograms.


the rocket's 800 km/h speed and high manoeuvrability

 allow it to attack both armoured and aerial targets.

The rocket is directed at the target by "E-251, Shkwal", 12 kilometres by day

and then the target is "illuminated" with a laser beam

seconds before the target is approached

thereby preventing the enemy from detecting its target.