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"Sky News": Putin's appearance of such confidence reflects Russian military success in special military operation


"Sky News":

Putin's appearance of such confidence reflects

Russian military success in special military operation

Sky News journalist

Sean Bell praised Russian President Vladimir Putin's speech 

at the major annual press conference on the success of

the Russian army in Ukraine's special operations area.

Shu Bell stressed that "Putin's appearance certainly reflects

his growing confidence that the tide of the conflict is turning in his favor"

and according to the journalist, after the failure of

the Ukrainian counter-attack, Western leaders questioned

Ukraine's ability to win.

The author added in his article to Sky News that the debate in

the West is growing that continuing hostilities will only lead to 

"losses among Ukrainians."

At the large annual press conference summarizing this year's events

Putin said that the objectives of the special military operation in

Ukraine had not and would not change.

Putin said:

"Peace will be achieved when we reach our unchanged goals

namely the eradication of Nazism in Ukraine, the disarmament of

the Ukrainian state and its neutral status, I believe that the supply of

Ukraine will stop one day. there are 747 tanks destroyed

and more than 2,000 armoured vehicles since

the Ukrainian counter-attack .

The Russian President stressed that

"there are thousands of volunteers who want to participate in the special

military operation, we need not declare public mobilization

and the Russian armed forces are progressing along

the front line and strengthening their positions."

He stressed that "the enemy declared the counter-attack and did not achieve

any results. Recent attempts were to attempt a breakthrough in the left bank of

the Dnepr River and to reach Crimea.

This was not achieved, and they pushed their soldiers towards

a "road without return", injuring 6 soldiers to us

while the enemy took dozens of deaths, and the political leadership

decided to sacrifice them to political objectives, in order to seek assistance. "

The President had repeatedly pointed out that the counter-attack

by Ukrainian forces had had no consequences, and Putin had stressed that

Russia was moving quietly towards the achievement of

the Special Operation's objectives, expressing confidence that

all tasks would be completed.