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Musk releases footage of a Tesla robot that raises questions about being real!


Musk releases footage of 

a Tesla robot that

 raises questions about being real!

A video shared by Elon Musk on Tesla's robot X site, Optimus,

folding a T-shirt, sparked a major interaction between observers.

The video depicts Optimus next to a table while folding

 a black shirt on its own without any help.

Musk, Tesla's president

shared the footage with the caption "Optimus folds a T-shirt."

Tesla first unveiled the human robot in 2022, as part of Musk's broader goals to automate all physical human actions and enhance the company's manufacturing processes.

The company said its ambition for the robot is to create a "generic, autonomous

 two-pedal robot capable of performing unsafe, repetitive or boring tasks."

According to a billionaire biography published last year

Musk told his employees that the Optimus robot was key to turning 

the electric car company into a $10 trillion company.


about 30 minutes after sharing the latest video

Musk shared an "important note" underneath the post that

 the footage was not exactly what it seemed.

Optimus cannot do this independently yet

but will certainly 

be able to do so quite independently and in an arbitrary

 environment (it will not require a fixed table with

 a box containing only one shirt)," Musk said.

X users as well as competition platform Threads raised questions about

how to produce the video if the robot's work was not "completely independent."

Some observers pointed

 to a gloved hand that briefly appeared in and out of

 the frame in the video, and appeared to mimic the movements of

 the robot's hands.

The electric car company has not yet provided information about the price

 or date of the Optimus release, but in the past Musk hinted that

the robot could cost less than $ 20 thousand.

Videos circulating online show that

 these robots are able to move parts of their structures in different directions

are able to bend and make movements resembling sports movements carried

 out by humans, and are making more complex movements

 with the help of  their arms.

According to 

the information available

 Tesla plans to use these robots in its manufacturing processes and

after verifying their capabilities, will put some of their models up for sale.