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Trump: We're getting closer to a "third world" than ever before and I'm able to stop it



 We're getting closer to a "third world"

than ever before and I'm able to stop it

Former US President Donald Trump considered that the world had never been

as close to the crypt of a third world war as it is now, expressing confidence

 in its ability to prevent such conflicts.

Trump told his supporters in La Iowa:

 "I don't think we've ever been in danger of a third world war like we are right now.

 As I say in every speech, I will prevent the Third World War

I am familiar with all these people. "

The Republican Trump asserted that

 under the administration of his successor Joe Biden

the United States had become a "weak and ineffective nation" 

and its opinion was not taken into account in the global arena.

He added:

 "Biden is very incompetent. the only thing 

he knows to make is election fraud ".

He added: 

"They (the Democrats) are good at rigging election results, and they

 are good at persecuting their political opponents. They can do nothing else ".

In a related context

former US Department of Defense officer and analyst Michael Maalouf

stated that after the western attack on Yemen, the situation might get out of


and the war could expand and cover at least three or four fronts.

The United States

 was launching Operation Boom Guard, which brings together

 more than 20 countries to help protect international trade

and the sea in the Red Sea.

Last Friday

it launched strikes with Britain's participation against Houthi positions in Yemen

 following which denunciations and warnings of the expansion of

war in the region and the world followed.

Days earlier

the US Pentagon had transferred vast quantities of fuel for warfare vehicles to

 the Philippines, and reports said it was setting the stage

 for any possible confrontation with China over Taiwan.