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"You can figure out a thousand goals at once." "Welt": Germany will send frigate to Red Sea


"You can figure out a thousand goals at once." 

"Welt": Germany will send frigate to Red Sea

The Welt reported that Germany had decided to send the frigate Guessen to

the Red Sea on February 1, to contribute to the interception of missiles

and drones launched by the Ansar Allah (Houthi) movement.

Germany is 

determined to participate in the European Union's mission to

protect maritime traffic in the Red Sea from Houthi attacks by sending

 the frigate Guessen to the area in early February.

The frigate "Gessen" 

was equipped with anti-aircraft missiles

 and a radar reconnaissance system capable of detecting 1,000 targets

 simultaneously, as well as carrying attack helicopters on board.

The frigate recently participated in NATO's six-month exercises in

the North Sea and the Arctic.

According to Welt

a decision on the launch of a new European Union naval operation in

the Red Sea aimed at protecting commercial vessels from ongoing

Houthi attacks is expected during the European Union Foreign Ministers'

meeting, scheduled for February 19.

This news corresponds to

 Bloomberg's earlier statement that European Union member States are

 considering launching a new naval operation in the Red Sea.

The Houthis emphasize that

 their activity in the Red Sea is aimed solely at vessels associated

with Israel to support Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who are under siege

and not at impeding maritime navigation in the region.

For its part, Arab and Muslim states have warned the US administration on

 more than one occasion that unconditional support for Israel in

the Gaza Strip will widen the conflict throughout the region.