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Accumulated fat in the body and how to get rid of it


Accumulated fat in the body and how to get rid of it

Body fat accumulation causes many diseases and health problems

such as heart disease and hypertension

what are the best ways to get rid of fat and obesity?

Many medical studies suggest that

body fat ratios should not exceed certain rates

and that :

increasing these rates are evidence of obesity and a serious indicator of

  • the risk of several diseases. 
  • Some studies show that natural fat rates range
  •  from 8 to 20% in men, and 14 to 30% sometimes in women.

Body fat rates :

can be measured in different ways

the simplest of these methods is the measurement of the body's surroundings

or Anthropometric, where certain sizes are taken for the waist

neck and hips area and compare these data to a person's length

and use sample tables to :

  • determine natural ratios, and this method is easy
  • and inexpensive but may not give accurate results to
  • the body's accumulated fat ratios sometimes.

Another method depends on skin folds, as the skin is bent in certain areas of

 the body and measured thickness with a caliper-like instrument

These results compare with sex :

and age-based tables to see fat ratios according to those indicators

and more precise methods, such as the use of 

X-ray devices to identify tissue components and distribute fat in them

or the conduct of so-called bioelectric inhibition analysis of the body.

Doctors :

and nutritionists are advised to follow many procedures to fight

the accumulation of fat in the body, most notably the adoption of

an integrated and balanced diet that provides the body with appropriate

amounts of proteins, fats, vitamins and mineral salts

 and to keep eating vegetables and foods rich in fiber :

  1. and eating omega-3 foods that
  2. maintain muscle mass
  3. and adjust metabolic rates.

Nutritionists also point out that :

drinking sufficient rates of water helps to control your body's metabolic rates

and subtract harmful fat and waste from it, and advise eating some beverages that

help to burn fat :

such as water, lemon, green tea and coffee in

thoughtful quantities and according to a person's state of health.

It is also important to :

focus on eating slowly and chewing well

increasing the sense of satiety and helping the digestive system to function well.

In order to maintain a healthy and disease-free body especially those associated

with obesity, doctors are advised to exercise and to keep walking

for at least half an hour every day.