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Commenting on his interview with Putin.. Clinton calls journalist Tucker Carlson a "useful idiot"


Commenting on his interview with Putin..

Clinton calls :

journalist Tucker Carlson a "useful idiot"

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called renowned US journalist 

Tucker Carlson a "useful fool," commenting on his interview

with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hilary said :

in an interview with MSNBC in :

  • response to a press question about her opinion of Tucker's interview 
  • with Russian President Putin as the first American journalist
  • This shows me what we all already know, he's a useful idiot. 

I mean :

if you actually read what the Russian media writes

they enjoy it (manipulating it). I mean, it's like a puppy. 

As everyone knows :

Tucker somehow stayed firm after being expelled from many locations in

the United States. I wouldn't be surprised if he got a contract

with a Russian publication, because he's a useful idiot.

He says things that are not true. It repeats Vladimir Putin's lies

about Ukraine. Why is Putin not interviewing him!! ".

Tucker interviewed the Russian President last Tuesday and said that

the interview would be broadcast at 2 a.m. Moscow time on February 9.

Last Tuesday :

Carlson posted a video message on social media site X (formerly Twitter)

against the background of the Kremlin Towers and the Cathedral of

Christ the Savior, stating that he would soon

be interviewed by the Russian president.

Carlson stressed that he would do so because Americans had no

knowledge whatsoever of what was happening in Russia and Ukraine.

According to :

the US journalist, the White House twice tried to disrupt

the interview. But White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre called

Carlson's statement incorrect. So far

this appeal from Carlson has recorded 92 million views.

Carlson :

the top-rated American journalist

 was sensationally terminated from Fox New TV in April 2023.

On his X programme :

the journalist stated that they were trying to silence US politicians speaking out

against continued support for Ukraine by accusing them of association with Russia.