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Republican American MP for Cameroon: "He can kiss my ass"


Republican American MP 

for Cameroon: "He can kiss my ass"

Republican Representative of the United States House of Representatives

Marjorie Taylor Green, responded to British Foreign Secretary David 

Cameron's call for Congress to pass aid to Ukraine, saying, "He can kiss my ass."

In response to Cameron's statement urging US lawmakers to pass a bill that

would include support for Ukraine, and warning them not to show

"vulnerability against Hitler,"

Greene said:

"I think he tried to cross us with Hitler as well

and if that language he wanted to use, I have nothing to say to him."

She added:

"I don't care what David Cameron says and I don't appreciate

this kind of language. Cameron has to worry about his country.

Frankly, he can accept my ass. "

In an op-ed in The Hill, Cameron called on American lawmakers to pass the bill

which "is of great importance to the security of the United Kingdom and Europe."

On Nazi leader Adolf Hitler

Cameron wrote: "He came back to ask for more

which cost us more lives to stop his aggression.

I do not want to show the weakness that emerged against

(Russian President Vladimir) Putin in 2008, when he invaded Georgia

or the uncertainty about the response in 2014, when he seized Crimea and much of

the Donbass, before he returned to cost us more losses in the 2022 aggression. "

"I want to show the strength that has been displayed since 2022

where the West helped the Ukrainians liberate half of the territory that

Putin seized, all without losing any NATO personnel."

According to Sky News, Greene's response to

Cameron "carried no regard or respect."

  • Senators voted on the legislation shortly before sunrise after conservatives
  • led by Republican Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee spoke
  • overnight to express objections to the bill.

But a group of Republicans led by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell

voted with the overwhelming majority of Senate Democrats to pass the bill.

22 Republican senators voted in favour of passing the bill

a larger number than in any of the previous procedural votes.

The legislation is now heading to the House of Representatives, where Republican

Speaker Mike Johnson threatens to deny him access to the voting room.

Johnson criticized the Senate bill for remaining 

"silent on the most pressing issue facing our country"

namely the flow of migrants from around the world across the southern border.