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Trump: If I were President of the United States, there would be no attack on our forces in Jordan.



If I were President of the United States

there would be no attack on our forces in Jordan.

Former US President Donald Trump confirmed that if he had been

the country's current president, the attack on the military base in Jordan

would have killed three US soldiers and wounded at least 40 others.

"With me, it would never have happened," he said in an interview with

Fox News

citing current U.S. President Joe Biden's incompetence.

Trump also criticized Biden's decision to talk in advance about a retaliatory

 response to the attack on the Burj 22 base in Jordan

saying :

"He didn't have to say anything he would do. He is incompetent

and everyone knows that someone who makes decisions on his behalf

he does not do it himself. "


ABC News reported, citing a US official, that US military strikes had begun in

 Syria, in response to the attack that killed 3 soldiers at a US base in Jordan.

On Saturday, U.S. Central Command announced airstrikes in Iraq

and Syria against targets linked to Iran's Revolutionary 

Guard Quds Force and its armed groups.

A correspondent

 for RT in Syria noted that the bombings were targeted in

 the countryside of Mayadeen and Boukamal in eastern Syria 

and the headquarters of Iraqi factions in the Al-Qa 'iq area in western Iraq.

On Sunday

two U.S. officials stated that the United States and Britain

 had bombed Houthi targets in Yemen from air and surface platforms

 and F/A18 aircraft and targeted at least 30 targets in at least 10 locations.

According to the Pentagon, this strike killed 3

 American soldiers and wounded more than 40 others.

The United States blames Iran for what happened. According to CBS

as a retaliatory measure, the United States Administration has approved

plans to strike Iranian targets and military personnel from Iraq and Syria.