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"Trump buys a $200 burger meal!"


"Trump buys a $200 burger meal!

Former US President Donald Trump paid $200 for a fast-food meal on

Long Island after attending a memorial honoring American

police officer Jonathan Deiller, who died in the line of duty.

As he headed back to :

  • Florida on his private plane, Trump and his campaign staff traveled
  • west from the site of the funeral in South Chapel to the famous
  • All American Drive-In restaurant, as reported

by Daniel Scavino Jr., one of Trump's top advisers, on Facebook.

Richard Voltaggio :

  1. manager of the All American restaurant, disclosed to
  2. The Washington Post the order placed
  3. by Trump and his entourage

totaling $200.

The order included 18 double cheeseburgers, 10 hot dogs

two quarter-pound cheeseburgers, 20 French fries, and 10 onion rings.

The beloved local restaurant :

established in 1963, is renowned for its greasy fare and inexpensive prices

which have remained notably low despite fluctuations in food prices.

Currently :

  1. the cost of their burgers and fries
  2. often touted as the best on the island
  3. is just $7.

Joseph Saladino :

supervisor of Oyster Bay Town :

remarked that it was not surprising for Trump's team to stop at the restaurant

stating, "Why would anyone want to stop here? Because All American

has some of the best-tasting burgers you can find anywhere in America."

This is certainly not the first time Trump has shown a fondness for fast food

purportedly stemming from a fear of being poisoned, hence his preference for fast

food meals prepared without knowledge of their destination.

In 2020 :

Trump boasted that McDonald's French fries were the secret to his unique hair

and a year prior, the White House ordered meals from McDonald's during

a large event welcoming the 2018 college

football national champions, the Clemson Tigers