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Elon Musk catches Adam Schiff trying to block the reporter from Twitter: "Hey Rep. Adam Schiff, what's that?"


Elon Musk catches Adam Schiff trying to block the reporter from Twitter:

"Hey Rep. Adam Schiff, what's that?"

Elon Musk released the next batch of Twitter files via reporter Matt Taibbi and caught Adam Schiff, or someone in his office throwing his name, trying to get a censorship reporter. Matt wrote:

In February 2020, when COVID first started to spread

  • the Center for Global Engagement
  • an emerging analytical/intelligence arm of the State Department
  • went to the media with a report entitled"
  • The Russian Disinformation Service benefits from coronavirus fears.

The GEC marked the calculations

as "Russian personalities and agents"

based on criteria such as, describing the coronavirus as a designed biological weapon," blaming "research conducted at the Wuhan Institute" and "attributing the appearance of the virus to the CIA.

"The state also tagged accounts that retweeted news that Twitter had blocked the popular US website ZeroHedge, claiming that the episode" led to another wave of misinformation narratives.

ZH made reports speculating that the virus had a laboratory origin.

GEC still leads directly to news stories such as the AFP headline

Russia-related disinformation campaign led to coronavirus alert

US says

 and a political story about how Russian

Chinese and Iranian disinformation narratives echo each other.

"... Twitter has also been trying to reduce

the number of agencies that have access to Roth.

"If these people like the House Homeland Committee and the Department of Homeland Security, once we have direct contact with Yoel, they will want to go back to him again and again," said policy director Carlos Monge.

When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/GEC

  • Keeping in mind that this occurred in 2020, the Trump administration
  • wanted to publish a list of 5,500 accounts that it
  • claimed would amplify Chinese propaganda
  • and disinformation about COVID, Twitter analysts were on their side.

The GEC report appeared based on

Data from the Department of Homeland Security was made public earlier that week.

and included accounts tracking" two or more Chinese diplomatic accounts.

They reportedly ended up with a list of approximately 250,000" names

including Canadian officials

and the CNN account:

Roth saw GEC's move as an attempt by GEC to use Intel from other agencies to" include themselves "in the Content Supervision Club which includes Twitter, Facebook, FBI, DHS and others:

It makes sense to return to GEC participation in this forum

when the FBI informed Twitter

GEC wanted it to be included in the usual "industry call" between companies such as Twitter, Facebook, DHS and FBI, Twitter leaders initially rejected.


Google and Twitter executives are united in opposing the inclusion of GEC, understandably including," GEC's mandate to attack IO to promote American interests. "

When senior lawyer Stacia Cardell tried to

argue against GEC joining the FBI

the words with Elvis, not Laura ", i.e. with Agent Elvis Chan, not the head of the Foreign Influence Unit (FITF) Laura Dimlow, echoed:

In the end, the FBI argued

first with Facebook

for a compromise: other US government agencies could participate in "industry" calls, but the FBI and DHS would serve as single "channels."

Ruth reached out to Chan about his fears of letting the "cheerful" GEC into the press, hoping they could keep the "circle of trust small."

"STATE ... NSA, and CIA "reassured Chan that it would be a" one-way "channel, and" State/GEC, NSA and CIA expressed interest in allowing it to be listened only. "

"" Belly Button ""

We can give you everything we see from the FBI and U.S. agencies

Chan explained

but the U.S. CISA at Homeland Security will be aware of events in every state. He continued to wonder whether the industry could rely on the FBI to be the belly button of a government. United States.


was receiving requests from every conceivable government body

  • starting with Senate Intel Committee (SSCI)
  • which appeared to be in need of confirmation that Twitter was taking
  • the direction of the FBI. The executives rushed to

tell the SSCI team that they had pressed five accounts on the FBI's advice:

Requests have arrived and escalated from around the world:

from the Treasury, the National Security Agency

almost every state


the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, among other things:

They also received an amazing array of requests

from officials requesting individuals they do not wish to prevent.


the Democrat's Office and House Intel

Committee Chairman Adam Schiff are asking

Twitter to ban journalist Paul Sperry:

We don't do this," Twitter said when asked to do so by Schiff.


  • Spiri was later suspended. 
  • "RepAdamSchiff, what is this?