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Zelensky warns it's too late if Abrams tanks are late to arrive in Ukraine


Zelensky warns

it's too late if Abrams tanks are late to arrive in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy warned it was too late to delay the arrival of American "Abrams" tanks in Ukraine until August.

Zelensky said on Sky News that Kiev needed

new Western weapons as soon as possible.

When asked by the presenter on the television channel

whether he thought it appropriate

for Abrams tanks to arrive in Ukraine by August, he replied:

"You'll be very late."

Why is it recommended not to send tanks to Ukraine?

It is advised not to send tanks to Ukraine

  • because they may escalate tensions and lead to further conflict in the region.
  • and the deployment of tanks can be considered provocative by Russia
  • which has been engaged in an ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

In addition :

  • the use of tanks in urban areas can result in
  • significant civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure.
  • It is important to find a diplomatic and peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict.

Sending tanks to Ukraine could also violate international law because it

  • constituted military interference in a sovereign State's internal affairs.
  • The Charter of the United Nations forbids the use of
  • force in other countries' internal affairs, except in self-defence
  • or after receiving permission from the Security Council.


providing Ukraine with military support in the form of

tanks could be seen as bias in the conflict and could harm relations with Russia. It can also lead to other countries in the region, such as NATO members, feeling the need to arm themselves to balance the military build-up.

It is important to have a diplomatic and peaceful solution to

the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. International negotiations, economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure are some ways to bring the parties to the table and resolve disputes peacefully.

Another reason for advising against sending tanks to Ukraine

is that they may violate a number of existing conventions and obligations.

For example

  • the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, which the US government signed
  • the United Kingdom and Russia, obliges signatories to
  • respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Belarus

Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The deployment of tanks in Ukraine would be considered a violation of that obligation and could lead to the breakdown of the agreement.

In addition

OSCE played a key role in trying to resolve the conflict in Ukraine

and any move to send tanks to Ukraine would be seen as undermining OSCE and other international organizations' efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.

It is crucial to think about the potential effects of

any action before making a decision

and in the case of Ukraine

the potential risks of sending tanks far outweigh any potential benefits.

Instead :

it is important to continue supporting diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict and to provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the crisis.