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Trump and Biden fall into the same "hole" Who comes out of it first and how?


Trump and Biden :

fall into the same "hole" Who comes out of it first and how?

The issue of finding secret documents in one of the offices occupied by US President Joe Biden was controversial, especially after the scandal similar to his predecessor, Donald Trump.


who previously described Trump's retention of hundreds of such records at his home in Florida's Mar-a-Lago resort as an "irresponsible" act, this time denied knowledge of the content of documents found in his former office, dating back to his tenure as former Vice President, Barack Obama.

This new topic was a key article for the Republican Party

which holds the Biden administration responsible

for a large number of files

including the migrant crisis on the southern border and the country's deteriorating economic situation. Trump was one of the first commentators on "Biden documents," calling on the FBI to raid Biden's homes and the White House.

A number of Republican politicians who turned a blind eye to the discovery of classified material during the FBI raid on Trump's home also expressed outrage at the similar situation in which Biden signed.

Among them

was the House Oversight Committee's chairman.

  • James Comer, who earlier said that the classified documents stored
  • by Trump would "not be a priority" for his committee
  • and issued a statement describing the existence of classified documents in

Biden's possession as an "irresponsible" act


  • Under the Trump administration
  • Compliance has been mandated by the National Archives and the Justice Department.
  • a top priority being the Presidential Records Act.

We expect the same treatment of President Biden

who appears to have kept documents inappropriately

confidential in an unsafe environment, for several years ".

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green considered that Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice should be held accountable if they did not treat Joe Biden the same way they treated President Trump.

  • "Joe Biden took secret documents from
  • They think they are above the law.
  • The Vice President has no authority to declassify, only the President can.

Joe Biden stole secret documents.

  • This is a very serious crime.
  • The Justice Department and the National Archives cannot
  • get rid of this and persecute Trump. 

Congressman Ronnie Jackson

writing via Twitter :


It has been discovered that Biden has classified classified documents improperly stored in one of his private offices.

Where's the FBI? Where is the dramatic raid?

There are two distinct justice systems in this country:

one for them and one for us.

Jackson considered that "Biden is turning the FBI into his secret police.

This Administration is the enemy of the American people

In turn

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy noted that "Biden's secret documents were discovered before the last election," asking: "Why wasn't he raided?

On the other hand

Democrats who publicly condemned Trump's action

were cautious in commenting on Biden's action.

We see no evidence of intentional intent (for Biden to act with the documents), or obstruction of justice, as we see in the case of Donald Trump and Mar-a-Lago.

Another Democrat :

Pete Aguilar :

  • accused Republicans of "hypocrisy,"
  • and said Biden followed the "established process"
  • by handing over documents as soon as they were discovered.

According to CNN

Biden's disclosures could not have come at a worse time for Biden

especially as they come under the formation of a new committee to

investigate whether the US government was politically "weaponized" by Democrats.

"Whatever the facts of the Biden documents

House Republicans have a new opportunity to use them to

harm President Biden," the network said.