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Video report showing Ukraine fighters with the badge "ISIS" on the shoulder


Video report showing :

Ukraine fighters with the badge "ISIS" on the shoulder :

The Danish television channel "DRT" showed in a report on the conflict in Ukraine, the fighters of Ukraine and on his clothes the insignia of ISIL.

The report, which was filmed by Danish journalists

is posted on the channel's website. Two Ukrainian soldiers in military uniform, one of whom had the ISIL badge and its black banner on his left arm, appeared in the report.

It should be noted that

the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has stated earlier that

the United States intelligence agencies recruited 60 militants in Syria in January this year, who are to be sent after training at Al-Tanf base to Russia and other CIS countries.

According to the Agency, the United States selects fighters from jihadist groups associated with the Islamic State and al-Qa 'idah for these purposes.

Last summer, Novosti quoted an informed source that

the United States was recruiting ISIS

fighters held in Kurdish-held prisons and camps in northeastern Syria to send them to Ukraine to participate in hostilities.

The source noted that the Kurds at the time handed over to

the Americans nearly 100 ISIS leaders and fighters, including people from Chechnya, to be retrained and sent to the area of Ukraine's special military operation.

Since 2014 :

there has been an ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

when Russia annexed Crimea and pro-Russian

  • separatists took over parts of Donetsk and Luhansk states.
  • The conflict was characterized by violence, displacement
  • and claims that both parties have violated human rights.

Amid this chaos, foreign fighters were drawn to

the region to fight on behalf of Ukraine.

Foreign fighters in the Ukrainian military come from a variety of countries

including the United States, Canada and European countries such as France, Spain and Poland. Many are motivated by a desire to uphold Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, while others are attracted to conflict for ideological or personal reasons.

one of the most well-known foreign combatants in

the Ukrainian army is American

volunteer Mark Baslawski known as "Franco." He served in the 95th Brigade Airmobile and was killed at work in May 2016. He is considered a hero by many Ukrainians and widely recognized as one of the most dedicated foreign fighters in the conflict.

There were other prominent foreign fighters

such as the Frenchman Olivier Francois, who was killed in the fighting in

January 2015. He was fighting in the Aidar Battalion

a voluntary unit accused of human rights violations. The presence of foreign combatants in these units has raised concerns about possible human rights violations and war crimes.

The Ukrainian :

government officially welcomed foreign volunteers to

join its armed forces, some of whom obtained Ukrainian citizenship.

However :

the government has also made efforts to regulate the presence of

foreign fighters :

  • especially those who join volunteer battalions. In 2015
  • a law was passed requiring all foreign fighters to
  • join regular military units and preventing them from joining volunteer battalions.

Despite these regulations

the presence of foreign fighters in the conflict remains a controversial issue.

Some argue that their presence is a necessary and legitimate form of international support for Ukraine, while others argue that their participation undermines the legitimacy of the conflict and risks exacerbating tensions with Russia.

Moreover :

the involvement of :

foreign combatants in a conflict could raise serious legal

and moral concerns, particularly if they were involved in

human rights violations or war crimes.

The Ukrainian Government and the international community must remain vigilant to

ensure that the presence of foreign combatants in the conflict does not exacerbate the situation or lead to further violations of international law.

In conclusion

the issue of foreign combatants in

Ukraine's military is a complex one, with both positive and negative implications.

While some foreign volunteers were celebrated as heroes

and made significant contributions to Ukraine's defence

their presence also raises concerns about

possible human rights violations and violations of international law.

Ultimately :

it is up to the Ukrainian Government and the international community to monitor the situation and ensure that the conflict does not escalate or cause further suffering to civilians caught up in the exchange of fire.