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US State Department: We seek to provide Kyiv with long-range missiles


US State Department :

We seek to provide Kyiv with long-range missiles

US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland announced that the United States is working to meet Ukraine's needs, including long-range missiles.

We are working to meet the needs of the Ukrainians

including providing them with long-range missiles," Nuland told Al-Jazeera satellite channel, noting that "it is important for the Ukrainians to control their airspace in order to protect their lands."

The United States is expected to announce a new military aid package to Kyiv authorities on February 3, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

According to the newspaper :

  • for the first time, long-range missiles
  • which have a maximum range of about 150 km
  • will be included in the list of weapons supplied to Ukraine.

The newspaper notes that these missiles

which weigh about 113 kg, are equipped

with a missile engine and can also be launched from "HIMARS" missile platforms.

Earlier on Thursday

the European Parliament called for examining the possibility of supplying Western fighter jets and long-range missiles to Ukraine.

Lavrov :

The more the West supplies Kyiv

with long-range weapons, the greater the need to push it away from our lands

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the more the West provides Kyiv with long-range weapons, the greater the need to push it away from Russian territory.

Lavrov :

Russia is seeking to remove

the Ukrainian forces to a safe distance to Russian territory


The West is openly working to escalate the conflict in Ukraine

Lavrov: We are in the middle of a geopolitical battle

- Lavrov :

The United States "crushed" the European Union

and took away its final vestiges of freedom

Lavrov :

The West is trying to defeat Russia

making it unable to regain its strength for decades

Lavrov :

The West does not respect the neutrality of developing countries and puts pressure almost daily on those who have not yet joined the sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Lavrov: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

who pledged to refrain from flying over Ukraine

is renowned for his capacity to switch positions.


Saying that Russia refuses to negotiate on Ukraine is a lie and is not true


As for who will play the role of the "next Ukraine"

the West is now looking to Moldova

especially since its president is practically ready for anything.


Russian diplomacy is actively working to

improve its communication and make the facts about the global stage clearer

Lavrov :

  • Moscow did not ask its partners in
  • the Collective Security Treaty Organization
  • for assistance with regard to the special operation in Ukraine

Lavrov: Putin explained in detail the goals

  • reasons and inevitability of the special military operation.
  • He did not do it suddenly, but after many years of making it
  • clear to the West that they were going in

the wrong direction and undermining everything they had pledged to do.

- Lavrov:

The United States and all "Westerners"

the great democrats

understand democracy as their right to impose their understanding of it on others

Lavrov :

  • The United States mobilizes the European Union to
  • deliver all weapons to Ukraine while intensifying
  • its production of weapons and forcing Europe to buy them

Lavrov :

  • Our neighbors and allies see the games
  • and attempts of the West, and understand
  • very well the goals that the West seeks to achieve in the common space.


in response to statements that

North Korea and Iran help Russia with weapons:

the Russian military-industrial complex is working, "and everything will be fine."

Recently :

the United States has announced its decision to

supply Ukraine with long-range missiles

in an effort to help the country defend itself against Russian aggression.

  • This move has been met with both criticism and support
  • while others see it as a necessary step to deter further Russian aggression.

Ukraine has been in a state of conflict since 2014

  • when Russian-backed separatists annexed Crimea
  • and ongoing fighting in eastern Ukraine has resulted in
  • thousands of deaths. The U.S.

and its allies have accused Russia of

providing military support to the separatists, a charge that Moscow denies.

The supply of long-range missiles to

Ukraine is seen as a significant escalation in the conflict

as it provides Ukraine with the capability to strike targets deep inside Russian territory. This has led to concerns that it could trigger a dangerous escalation in the conflict, potentially leading to a wider war.

On the other hand

supporters argue that the move sends a strong message to

Russia that the U.S.

  • and its allies will not stand idly by while Russian aggression continues.
  • They see it as a necessary step to deter further aggression
  • and ensure that Ukraine is able to defend itself against Russian attacks.

Despite the criticism, the U.S.

government has defended its decision to supply Ukraine with the missiles

stating that it is committed to supporting Ukraine's sovereignty

and territorial integrity.

  • They argue that this move is in
  • line with its obligation to defend its NATO
  • allies and support democratic countries under threat.

In conclusion, the decision to

supply Ukraine with long-range missiles has reignited the debate over

the conflict in the region and the role that the U.S.

should play in supporting Ukraine.

While some see it as a dangerous escalation, others view it as a necessary step to deter further aggression and ensure the security of Ukraine and its people.