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Trump holds Pence responsible for Capitol attack


Trump holds Pence responsible for Capitol attack

Former US President Donald Trump claimed his former Vice President Mike Pence was responsible for the violence on the day of the January 6 January 2021 Capitol break-in.

Speaking to a group of journalists on his personal plane on

his way to a campaign event in Iowa ;

Trump responded to comments made by Pence, saying that "the date will hold Donald Trump accountable" because of the January 6 events.

If Pence had sent votes to the legislatures, they wouldn't have had trouble on January 6th, so in many ways you could blame him on January 6th,

Trump said :

adding :

If he had returned the votes to Pennsylvania

Georgia and Arizona

The outcome, in my opinion, would have been different.

But I also think that January would not have happened. 

Pence's recent remarks stemmed from his desire to enter

the Republican presidential primary.

I think he saw friendliness as pointless

Trump stated. But, you know, he's out there campaigning. He's trying hard. He's a nice guy. I knew him. Up until the very end, I had a great relationship with him.

Mike Pence:

Trump will be held liable for the attack on the Capitol by history.

Former US Vice President Mike Pence said the date would "hold former President Donald Trump accountable for his role in the 2021 attack on the" Capitol "congressional building, US media reported.

  • Addressing a dinner in Washington
  • by journalists annually to meet senior politicians
  • Pence said "President Trump was wrong.

I am not allowed to void the election.

Pence was quoted as stressing that Trump's "reckless statements put my family and everyone in the capitol at risk that day." "I know history will hold Donald Trump accountable."

Trump announced his intention to run for a new term in

the 2024 election. Pence said he might compete for the Republican nomination.

The annual Grederon Diner meeting is usually a light event

interspersed with comic performances and entertainment music. From his beginning

  • Pence adopted a satirical accent.
  • "I will wholeheartedly and unreservedly support
  • the Republican presidential candidate in 2024 - if that's me."

Pence's harsh remarks to Trump were not expected at the ceremony.

  • I attended the dinner
  • and I can attest that Mike Pence was taken aback.
  • the audience.. many seemed stunned .

Pence's remarks will likely deepen

the disagreement between the former president and his vice president since Pence refused to participate in Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election results and remain in power.