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Actor Jamie Fox apologizes to his followers after misunderstanding his publication on "Killing Christ" and betrayal


Actor Jamie Fox apologizes to :

his followers after :

misunderstanding his publication on :

" Killing Christ" and betrayal "

The American actor :

Jamie Fox :

apologized and deleted a post he shared on his Instagram account

after raising a controversy over its inclusion of


and phrases regarding the killing of Jesus in reference to Jews.

Fox had shared a post in front of

his 16.7 million followers :

saying : 

  • "They killed that man Christ? So what do they do to you??!
  • "The post was also appended to 
  • hashtags such as # Friends _ Fake and # Love _ False.

For their part :

some social media users considered that :

the message published appeared to reflect :

the anti-Semitic belief that the Jewish people were collectively responsible for the killing of Christ, leading to violence and massacres against Jews over many centuries.

Subsequently :

Fox deleted his post and apologized "to the Jewish community

and to everyone who was offended by my publication"

claiming that it had been misinterpreted.

He added :

I now know that my choice of words has caused offence

and I am sorry. This was not my intention at all .

For the sake of clarity :

I was betrayed by a fake friend

  • and that's what I meant by those words, not anything else
  • It should be noted that the famous Hollywood actress

Anishton :

54, who has about 43 million followers on Instagram :

later insisted that :

she had mistakenly clicked on the "like me" option

adding :

It makes me feel really sick.

I didn't "like" this post either intentionally or coincidentally. 

It should be noted that ;

Representative Fox underwent hospital treatment  :

for a mysterious emergency problem and recently expressed his strong commitment to the Christian faith and his involvement in the Church. His publication may be directed at a Jewish friend.