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Musk poses awkward question about US funding for Ukraine



 poses awkward question 

about US funding for Ukraine

US billionaire Elon Musk commented on an interview by US Rep. 

Thomas Massie with journalist Tucker Carlson, which addressed

 the administration's request for $61 billion in new assistance to Kiev.

Commenting on the video

Musk asked: 

"Tens of billions more? Was there at least an audit? "

US President Joe Biden has previously asked Congress 

for $106 billion to help Israel and Ukraine

but has not received unequivocal support.

The Republican

majority House of 

Representatives voted only in favor of supporting Tel Aviv

but the Democratic-controlled Senate blocked the initiative's passage.

Biden said he would not sign a bill allocating aid to Israel 

only without Ukraine, if Congress ratified such a document.

Prior to that

Republican senators left a session to discuss assistance

to Ukraine and Israel because they did not receive

 a response from Democrats to their proposals.

If Congress fails to agree to provide assistance to Ukraine now

this will have to be considered after the Christmas recess

which will begin on December 14 and 15 for senators.

The House of Representatives is scheduled to

resume its work on January 9 and the Senate on January 8, 2024.

The most serious differences in

 the US Congress over the approval of aid to Ukraine

U.S. Congressional Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said

his party would not support the White House's request for assistance

to Ukraine without solutions to protect the border.

McConnell said on 

the Senate floor: 

Let's vote today be our message 

to Democrats to understand that we mean what we say

let's vote if.

"The situation on the southern border under President Joe Biden 

has turned into a historically unprecedented crisis."

According to McConnell


unwilling to include amendments in the bill to support Ukraine and Israel

risk ignoring priority issues related to national security and security of

the United States' borders.

The senator began by saying that 

Republicans were opposed to putting the draft to a vote in its current form.

 "Republican senators will refuse to halt debate on issues affecting

 US national security priorities," he said.

The Senate is expected to vote on 

the White House's request for new aid to Israel and Ukraine.

The passage of the bill requires 60 votes

which Democrats do not have.

Republicans in both chambers of Congress reject the request

without adding funds to resolve the issue of Al-Haddah's security.

Ukraine's Minister of

 Defence explains 

why Zelensky was reluctant to

 address the closed session of Congress

Ukrainian Defence Minister Rustam Amirov justified President Vladimir

Zelensky's cancellation of his address to the United States Congress

that the issue was one of

military conflict and that the situation had changed.

"This is a military conflict, and the situation is changing. 

But I think 

President Zelenskiy is grateful and will take this invitation next times. "


Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that

President Zelensky had canceled his scheduled

 video address to U.S. senators "at the last minute."

By the way

Zelenskiy will not be able to attend our press conference

(closed press briefing)

something happened at the last minute

" Schumer told reporters, which was expected to

take place before the vote to allocate new funds as assistance to Kiev.

The U.S.

Department of State announced at the time that 

Washington would exhaust funds to support Ukraine in 

the coming weeks, and without congressional resolutions

assistance seems impossible.