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Read in Trump' sweeping victory in Iowa


Read in Trump sweeping victory in Iowa

The result was expected in Iowa, and Trump was formally crowned as his party's

 2024 major general. How did Karen Tomalty see 

the scene in the Washington Post?

Despite the extremely low temperatures in Des Moines in Iowa below minus 22

 and the intense winds that accompanied the GOP conventions

which were supposed to make turnout for the Republican caucus a little

all did not prevent Trump's victory.

Trump's victory 

in Iowa was so evident that the AP described

the race half an hour after the caucuses began. Its announcement

 was so early that in some of the 1,657 constituencies of the State

preliminary speeches on behalf of candidates were still ongoing

and caucus-goers did not have the opportunity to 

write their candidates' names on scraps of paper.

The Republican Party's shift to Trump is not the new news

but comparing the state's sweeping 2024 results to those of 2016

 shows the depth and breadth of this takeover blatantly.

In a CNN poll of

Iowans entering the caucuses, two-thirds suggested

 they believed Biden's 2020 victory over Trump was illegitimate.

With the frontrunner in an unprecedented position of campaigning

about 6 out of 10 people said they considered Trump fit for the presidency.

Support for Trump's Republican base has reached such an extent that

 they embrace the notion that he is a victim of a legal regime that

 has turned a weapon against him. They turned legal problems 

into electoral credits for Donald Trump.

Trump makes 

good start in presidential race

Trump is now Iowa's leading candidate. About Trump's growing chances of

 winning the Republican ticket to run for a new presidential term

Daniela Moisev wrote, in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta":

In the United States, the Republican presidential candidate's internal caucus

 election in Iowa ended. Former President Donald Trump won a landslide victory

 garnering more than half the vote at a convention of party supporters.

 The results of its main competitors were almost entirely identical to

the preliminary survey data. Florida Gov.

 Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Gov. 

Nikki Haley finished second and remained in the race.

Legal science professor Alexander Dumrin

said he saw little that could prevent Trump from reaching

 the final round of the election. "Republicans are hungry for revenge. 

If Trump is not sentenced to prison, and remains alive

he will be the one to pronounce the Republicans' name on November 5

even though party staffers don't like him. "

Dumrin also warned of 

hasty conclusions on the campaign trail. 

According to him, much remains unknown

including who will be Trumpian's democratic rival. The issue of Joseph

Biden's candidacy for a second term is not yet settled.

 "There are two or three other options. Among them is the nomination of

Michelle Obama, who "will loom behind her husband Barack Obama.

" Therefore, there will continue to be interesting volatility before the elections.

 although, of course, it should be remembered that

in the United States, the President is usually given a chance 

to be re-elected if he himself does not abandon this idea. "