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Russian businessman Deripaska: Trump election won't make miracles


Russian businessman Deripaska: 

Trump's election won't make miracles

Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska said the U.S. Democratic Party was playing

 a "card of fear" among voters about Trump's return to the presidency

but Russia should not take that possibility into account.

This came as Deripaska posted his channels on Telegram, where he wrote that Russia should solve its own problems and not take into account the prospect of Trump returning to the presidency of the United States at all.

 "Previously the Democratic Party was playing with a card (red threat)

now playing with its main card, the fear card, as Trump now approaches

the election, and today he won his first victory in Iowa."

Deripaska pointed out that

there are those waiting for Trump to come to power as children are waiting

for the new year, which is at the heart of the absurdity. Unfortunately

we will have to solve our problems ourselves

and we will have to defer solving them for another year. "

Deripaska's view coincides with that of

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

 who, in an interview with Novosi

said that Russia "does not care who wins the US presidential election"

stressing that it would be naive to think that with Republicans in 

power relations between Moscow and Washington could be improved.

The U.S. 

election is scheduled for November 5, 2024

according to polls, the Republican candidate

who could be the country's former president, Donald Trump

is perfectly capable of winning again. Incumbent President Joe Biden

announced last April his intention to run for re-election to the Democratic Party.