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Trump announces his alignment with Putin and his ability to end the conflict in Ukraine



announces his alignment with Putin

 and his ability to end the conflict in Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump has announced that he aligns well with

 Russian President Vladimir Putin and will help resolve the conflict in 

Ukraine quickly if he assumes the White House presidency.

"Putin and I get along well, that's not bad, that's good,"

 Trump said in Iowa.

During his speech, he blamed 90% of the problems in

 the United States on false news publishers.

He added: 

Russia would not have attacked

nor would Israel have been attacked. The situation in Ukraine is terrifying

and what happened in Israel is terrible.. I know Putin very well

and I know Zelensky very well. We'll put them together.

 We'll solve this very quickly. It wasn't supposed to happen

 and it wasn't going to happen, but now it's happened more broadly than

people thought. We will stop it because it is sad, this should not have started ".

Trump is also

the most likely Republican candidate in 

the 2024 presidential election.

 He has repeatedly stated that being charged is an attempt to

interfere in the election by the Biden administration

which the former president considers "the most corrupt 

and incompetent in the country's history."

A few days ago

the former US president said that current President Joe Biden

 "could spark a third global war and wreak havoc on the US during 

the last 10 months before the presidential election."