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Biden: 11 US citizens killed in Hamas attack on Israel


Biden :

11 US citizens killed in Hamas attack on Israel

US President Joe Biden announced that at least

11 US citizens were killed as a result of Hamas' attack on Israel last weekend.

As we continue to recount :

the horrors of the horrific terrorist attack against Israel over

the weekend and the hundreds of innocent civilians killed

we are witnessing the sheer scale and extent of this tragedy.

It is regrettable that we now know that at least 11 American citizens

were among the dead, many of them taking a second home in Israel.

We also know that US citizens are still missing

and we are working with Israeli officials to

get more information about their whereabouts.

The safety of American citizens

both at home and abroad, is my highest priority as President.

  • While we are still working to ascertain this
  • we believe it is likely that American citizens
  • will be among those you detain.

Hamas :

  • noting that it had directed its team to work with Israelis
  • in every aspect of the hostage crisis, including sharing intelligence
  • and deploying experts from across the United States to

consult with and advise Israeli counterparts on hostage recovery efforts.

Biden :

called on US citizens in Israel to take

  • the necessary precautions and follow the guidance of local authorities
  • noting that the US state provides consular assistance
  • and continuously updates security alerts.

Biden :

reaffirmed that the United States stood

"side by side" with Israel

stating that he assured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in

the latest call that Washington will continue to make sure that

Israel has what it needs to defend itself.

New White House

statements on sending US troops to Israel

White House Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby

said the United States does not plan to send troops to Israel.

We will always do :

what is necessary to protect our national security interests

  • and fulfill our security obligations around the world
  • including this region (Middle East)
  • which is why we sent an aircraft carrier to

the eastern part of the Mediterranean," Kirby said on CBS TV.

We have no plans to deploy troops in Israel yet

but I reiterate that we will always be guided by our interests.

Earlier :

the Pentagon ordered the attack group of the aircraft carrier

"Gerald R. Ford ", sailing to the eastern Mediterranean to be ready to help Israel.