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The balance of power between Israel and Gaza.. "Impossible comparison and sudden imbalance"!


The balance of power between Israel and Gaza..

"Impossible comparison and sudden imbalance"!

Although there is no comparison between Israel's modern military arsenal and those held by Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, the "Al-Aqsa deluge" appears to have tipped the scales.

The French :

newspaper Le Monde spoke about this

noting that Hamas in the Gaza Strip by "carrying out the most violent attack

on Israeli territory, killing and abducting civilians and military alike

changed the balance of power on the ground.

The "defencestreet.com"

  • site foreshadowed the same view by monitoring that
  • the military balance between Israel and Palestine
  • had greatly disrupted even though Israel

had well :

established and technically advanced armed forces :

  • including a well-trained army, air and sea weapons.
  • has modern equipment, intelligence capabilities
  • and reliable defence infrastructure .

In contrast :

  • the defence site drew attention to the lack of
  • central armed forces" in the Palestinian territories
  • particularly in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The situation is complex, with various factions

including Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

although some groups have paramilitary formations

they cannot be compared in size, training or technology with the IDF ".

In its review of :

the parties' current strength :

the site stated that Israel "possesses a significantly more advanced

and equipped army than any specific Palestinian faction or group.

Israel has a highly trained

and technically advanced army, including a powerful air force

advanced intelligence capabilities and modern weapons.

In addition :

Israel benefits from strong international alliances

particularly with the United States. 

This military website pointed out that

predicting the outcome of a virtual war between Israel

and Palestine is complex and sensitive.

wars have serious consequences

and discussions on such scenarios exaggerate the streamlining of

the deep-rooted and multifaceted Israeli-Palestinian conflict ".

In this context :

it was pointed out that

the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is deeply rooted in historical

political and cultural issues, and any attempt to confine it

to a military confrontation ignores the human difficulties

and losses associated with it".

The site described Operation

  • "Al-Aqsa Deluge" as a "departure from previous tactics
  • indicating a more sophisticated military operation.
  • the group used new means of war

some of which had never been used before in conflicts .

For its part :

the Indian television channel "ndtv"

confirmed the impossibility of making "a direct comparison between

the military strength of Hamas and the Israeli armed forces

because Hamas, according to him, is" fighting an unconventional terrorist battle. 

On the other hand

the Indian site stopped in front of what it described

as the "interesting use of relatively new weapons systems

such as drones and gliders

as well as long-range missiles", which, in his view, "referred to a different

and more advanced form of terrorist operations. 

It now seems inevitable that Israel will face this by using

its largely superior traditional forces if there is a ground attack on the Gaza Strip. 

As for the "Hamas arsenal"

the Indian television channel found the recent attack

by Hamas unprecedented, a military operation complete

by new means of war

"some of which had never been used in an active conflict before".

For example :

this source drew attention to Hamas's use of

"electric gliders to transport terrorists into Israeli territory

bypassing heavily fortified checkpoints", and also monitored that

Hamas had "for the first time used unmanned armed aircraft to

destroy Israel's most advanced Mercava 4 tank.

The site also

touched on rockets fired from Gaza

pointing out that such an order, although typical, "some rockets had a range of more than 70 km, reaching Tel Aviv, indicating the use of relatively advanced steering systems and engines."

The same source came to the conclusion that

although Israel is known for its

intelligence apparatus operating through many agencies

it will now have to rely heavily on its conventional military

force in the event of a larger military conflict, which now seems inevitable.

For the IAF

it was noted that it was "one of the most technologically advanced

air forces in the world, weapons systems, equipped with F-35 stealth fighters

a wide range of smart bombs that :

  • hit targets with minimal collateral damage
  • and a web-based operating system in which sensors
  • are used at several levels to detect and infect targets.

Moreover :

it was stated that Israel "is also a nuclear force

a possibility that may be inappropriate in the context of

fighting with Hamas, but which is a deterrent if the conflict exceeds its limits.