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Israel : Occupation of Gaza.. Possible and impossible!


Occupation of Gaza.. Possible and impossible!

There is no longer talk of whether Israel will carry out a large-scale ground operation in the Gaza Strip that ends with its full occupation, but of difficulties, timing and the consequence.

Most experts believe that the date of Israel's ground operation is close and has already been decided after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US President Joe Biden that Israel must enter Gaza to destroy Hamas, in preparation for which the Israeli military called in more than 300 thousand reserve forces, as well as mobilizing more than 100,000 troops in southern Israel.

Israel last carried out an air and sea-backed ground operation in Gaza in 2014, lasting 50 days, and the ground operation carried out three Israeli army teams.

Military experts draw attention to

the difficulties facing Israel's ground military operation, noting in particular the difficulty of using heavy machinery and equipment in a narrow and densely populated area

the possession by Hamas and other factions of

various anti-armour and anti-tank weapons, and airborne missiles.

They also point to the presence of hundreds of

well-equipped tunnels in Gaza, and some talk about the possibility of

a "whole city" of underground tunnels and bunkers in Gaza.

Such tunnels

and bunkers are expected to

be used by fighters in the Gaza Strip to carry out sudden offensive operations against Israelis, as well as easy transitions from one position to another away from hostile fire, which will likely result in a large number of deaths among the attacking Israeli forces.


anticipated ground operation in Gaza will

according to experts, require four times more ammunition than fighting in other circumstances, so Israelis will require large quantities of ammunition, for light weapons, as well as for air defence interceptor rocket platforms throughout Israel, as well as aircraft ammunition, projectiles of active vehicle protection systems, artillery, mortar and tank shells.

At present, as indicators show

Israel is finalizing the invasion of the Gaza Strip.

According to the Israeli army, more than 100,000 troops are now besieging Gaza, the Israeli navy has imposed a naval blockade on its coasts to prevent access to military supplies and the Israeli government has cut off water and electricity supplies.

The mission of the Israeli ground forces entering an invasion will be to destroy Hamas completely, according to the official announcement, as well as to try to rescue the estimated 50 hostages, meaning that special forces will be charged with this parallel mission, which will also not be easy at all.

The Israeli

Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Gilad Ardan, stated on October 8 that Tel Aviv's objective henceforth was the total and final elimination of Hamas, while Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant stated in a letter to the army that the Gaza Strip would not return as it was.

Israeli military expert David Sharp stated that Hamas had 40,000 fighters in its security structures, formations of military quality in discipline, long readiness to defend, and tens of kilometres of tunnels and bunkers dug under Gaza.

The military expert points out that

Israel plans to completely eliminate Hamas

primarily on its military wing, the Qassam Book

pointing out that the talk is about "a long-term and clear goal of total control

over the entire sector or almost all of it, which is a very difficult task."

Good and bad in the Israel-Gaza War!

Although most media outlets stand with Israel in a biased manner, deliberately overlooking what they do to Palestinians, some voices emerge from this chorus and speak another language.

This dilemma is revealed by political analyst Mark Wingfield in an article published on the website "baptistnews" entitled: "There are no good people in this war."

According to Wingfield

almost all the media when it comes to understanding

and reporting on events in Israel and Palestine

fails Americans seeking a clear understanding of one of

the most intractable political and theological mysteries of all.

The author points out that most of the American means of declaration deal with the issue as follows: Israel is the "good person" in this conflict, and Palestinians, especially Hamas, are the "bad guys."

Wingfield considers that this is due to

diligence in pursuing minor divisions

but this is simply impossible here, despite what the US State Department says. what Hamas has done deserves to be condemned, but what Israel has done and continues to do also deserves to be condemned ".

They described Israel as a victim in the current war between the people of

Israel and Hamas, but not in white hats.

Wingfield cites priest and writer Wendell Griffin

an enthusiastic advocate for Palestinians, especially Christians

and quotes him as saying that

"the Biden administration continues the decades

long American approach to supporting the Israeli regime...

This approach ignores

the ethically unjustified model of Israeli aggression against Gaza

Palestine and the Palestinians, which includes Israel's looting of Palestinian land and waters, settlement colonization and violence against Palestinians in violation of

international law (United Nations resolutions and

Geneva Conventions)

and decades of genocidal behaviour towards Palestinians .

In the quotes quoted

Griffin considers that the current war 

is the latest flashpoint in the 75-year-old Israeli colonialism

apartheid and genocide against Palestine and Palestinians

funded and supported by the United States. From this point of view, the Israeli regime's current war in Gaza is worse than unfortunate. It is inexcusable ".

The activist goes on to

describe these Palestine refugees as "not only have they been denied the right to

 return to their homes, but since the signing of the Oslo Accords

they and their Gaza

neighbours have become prisoners of war.

The population of Gaza

trapped on a small piece of land

chronically deprived of water, electricity and economic development

suffers from the worst of the Palestinians' lives.

Over the past 15 years, in addition, they have been repeatedly attacked

and bombed by the Israeli army, killing and injuring thousands of people. 

Yost Laird stresses in this context that it

"does not condone murder of any kind and mourns the deaths of hundreds of Israelis, just as it mourns the continued death of Palestinians under Israeli occupation".

The American

church activist recalls that

"Israel is a nation-state that receives $3.8 billion annually from the United States and has the fourth most powerful army on the planet.

While everyone seems eager to condemn Hamas violence

very few are willing to mention the violence perpetrated

by the State against the Palestinian people day by day .

In an article published on libertarianinstitute

 writer Kim Robinson describes the Gaza Strip as a huge prison

and as a "gloomy misery", which is also a "group of prisoners locked in limbo".

Robinson addresses what the Israeli

Government is doing now

saying its response was to "blow up residential institutions and buildings with a general warning of the need to evacuate.

But people in the occupied territories cannot escape; They are prisoners at the mercy of the Israeli government..

Water and food are controlled and restricted by the Israeli government.

Palestinians are a desperate people.

As before

repression will kill innocent people and end with the recruitment of new rebels. "