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Because of "crazy." Microsoft is outraging Elon Musk!


Because of "crazy."

Microsoft is outraging Elon Musk!

Elon Musk, CEO of the platform X (formerly Twitter)

criticized Microsoft Word's auditor for inclusivity

complaining that he was reprimanded for using the word

"crazy" in a document.

A proposal from Microsoft Word's comprehensive spelling feature

angered Musk as he tried to write that the vehicle

presumably : Cybertruck, had a "crazy stability"

with Microsoft

stating that "this term means a mental health bias".

In an X post, Musk wrote:


Word now reprimands you if you use non-exhaustive words! .

His supporters went to X to talk about this problem

saying that it was Microsoft that went crazy. One wrote that

"vigilance has literally infiltrated everything on this planet."

At the same time

one commenter mocked the suggestion

writing: "This is crazy."

Musk also

complained that Microsoft

Word's proposals offered alternative measurements of

the imperial weight system.

He shared

a picture of a text that read:

A draw capacity of 11,000 pounds." Below the text

Microsoft Word made suggestions for "perspectives" including "

about 4989.51 kg" or "about twice the weight of the elephant".

While Musk was also disturbed by this proposal

his supporters were less enthusiastic in their response.

"I actually kind of like this,"

one commenter wrote, while another added:

"This looks really helpful."

The feature

that infuriated Elon Musk

and his supporters is one of the features of Microsoft's "Ideas in Word."

They offer mainly gender-neutral alternatives to phrases

such as "policeman" or "human power"

but they also look

for phrases that other readers may find offensive.


received widespread ridicule for the tool's suggestions

which are often clumsy and somewhat indiscriminate.


the "Thoroughness Checker" has been part of all Microsoft

Word versions since 2019, and is always turned off by default.

The operation of the auditor requires several steps

and is always optional according to Microsoft.