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Washington Post reveals invalidity Israeli narrative justification for destruction Al-Shifa in Gaza


The Washington Post

reveals the invalidity of the Israeli narrative

and the justification

 for the destruction of Al-Shifa in Gaza.

The Washington Post confirmed the Government of Israel's lack of

 compelling evidence about what Tel Aviv recently promoted 

about Hamas

use of the Shifa medical complex in Gaza as a centre of

 command and control during the war in the Gaza Strip.

The evidence provided 

by the Israeli government falls short of showing that Hamas was using 

the hospital for military purposes," the newspaper said in a lengthy investigation.

The newspaper's conclusions were based on

 available open-source images and videos, as well as satellite imagery

 and all material disseminated to the public by the Israeli army. 

as well as statements by senior officials, lawmakers

 and jurists as well as humanitarian workers.

Very critical questions

Experts say this raises very critical questions about whether 

the damage to civilians caused by Israel's military operations against

 the hospital -- which encircled, trapped and ultimately raided the medical

facility and the tunnel underneath -- is commensurate

 with the estimated threat.

The newspaper's lines pointed out that the rooms connected to

 the network of tunnels discovered by IDF soldiers

 did not bear any direct evidence of their military use by Hamas.

No connection with tunnel network

None of the medical complex's five hospital blocks appeared to be 

connected to the tunnel network mentioned by the Israeli army spokesman

Daniel Hagari

 in successive statements at the time.

The Washington Post continued in its investigation that 

there was no evidence that those tunnels could be accessed from inside

 the hospital wards and talked about the lack of capacity.

US intelligence allegations

Hours before the IDF entered the medical complex

the Biden administration had declassified assessments obtained

 by U.S. intelligence supporting Israel's claims. Following the attack and the raid

Israeli and American officials were firmly nailed behind their initial statements.

For his part

a senior administration official told the newspaper last week

 on condition of anonymity: "We are very confident in the intelligence...

that Hamas used him (the hospital) as a command and control centre ".

He added: 

"Hamas was holding hostages in the medical complex

 until shortly before the Israeli army entered."

Concealment of 

material despite "declassification"


the United States Government has not published any of

the material for which it has declassified, nor has the public official 

shared the intelligence on which this assessment was based.

In turn

an IDF spokesman told the newspaper:

 "The IDF has published comprehensive and irrefutable evidence

 indicating Hamas' misuse of the Shifa complex 

for underground terrorist purposes and activities."

When asked whether further evidence of "healing" would be provided

the speaker said, "We cannot provide additional information."

It should be noted that the Israeli army announced on

 November 24 in a statement that it had destroyed the tunnel on

 the hospital's grounds, and that its forces had withdrawn shortly after.

Congress is not convinced by the narrative.

As a senior U.S. congressman swapped for The Washington Post

on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter

he said: 

"Previously I was convinced that (the healing complex) 

was where these operations were taking place," 

and you said: 

"Now, I think there should be a new level of proof.

 they must have more evidence at this stage ".

In her press inquiry, the Washington Post sought the opinion of Jeffrey Korn

a professor of law at Texas Technical University

on the issue and said:

"If you don't ultimately find what you said you would find

this justifies doubts as to whether your assessment of

 the military importance of conducting the operation is proper or not."

Important legal opinion

"It's certainly not hard evidence."

The paper concluded that the targeting of a medical complex of hundreds of sick


dying and thousands of displaced persons by an ally of 

the United States was unprecedented in recent decades.

 The attack caused the collapse of the hospital's ongoing operations.

As Israeli forces approached and fighting raged

fuel fed to hospital operations ran out, supplies were unable to enter

and ambulances were unable to provide relief and collect victims from the streets.