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After warning the White House The "X" platform deletes erotic images of a popular American singer


After warning the White House... 

The "X" platform

 deletes erotic images of a popular American singer

The Virgin said the X-platform temporarily cancelled the search for photos of

 American singer Taylor Swift, after the White House launched a warning of

 fabricated pornographic images that spread to the star via media.

The site stated that for the time being if you search for "Taylor Swift" 

or "Taylor Swift AI" on "X" a message would appear stating that

 "something went wrong".

The Verge reported that the "X" 

platform published a statement about a day after the photos appeared saying that

 it "actively removes all identified images" and takes action against 

the accounts it publishes.

Taylor Swift is reportedly considering legal 

action against the sites that publish the images.

In an interview with NBC Nightly News

Microsoft CEO Satya

 Nadella called the deepfake "alarming and terrible."

He believed that AI companies needed to move quickly to set up

 better protection barriers.

"The Virgin" 

indicates that although the search is suspended on the X platform

 some results still appear to users if they try to find it by manipulating some of 

the characters in the search box or adding quotation marks.

Pornography through Swift's AI technologies has been widespread

and many have warned about the uses of this technology and the urgent need

 for its legislation.

White House 

press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre told a news conference

 Friday that social media companies "have an important role to play in

 enforcing their own rules" to prevent the spread of such misinformation.

"This is very worrying, so we will do what we can to deal with this issue" 

she added

explaining that Congress must take legislative action on this issue.

In additional remarks to ABC News

Jean-Pierre said Congress should "take legislative action.

"While social media companies make their own independent decisions on

 content management, we believe they have an important role to play in 

enforcing their own rules to prevent the spread of misinformation

 and intimate images of real people without obtaining consent."

Jean-Pierre highlighted some of 

the Department's recent actions on these issues, including the launch of 

a task force to address online harassment and abuse and the launch of 

the first national 24/7 helpline for survivors of image

based sexual abuse by the Ministry of Justice.