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Can you lose weight by exercising on the weekly holiday only?

Can you lose weight

by exercising on the weekly holiday only?

A new study found that individuals can achieve satisfactory results in weight loss

whether they engage in regular physical activity or only one or two days a week.

The researchers studied :

the data of more than 9,600 participants in the National Survey of American

Health and Nutrition Examination from 2011 to 2018

where participants ranged in age from 20 to 59.

They revealed that :

people described as "weekend warriors", i.e. individuals who intensify their

workouts on a day or two a week, can lose weight and achieve results similar to

those resulting from regular exercise, as long as they adhere to

the weight rate to be lost.

Liwa Zhang :

a study author and healthcare scientist at Fuwai Hospital

the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Beijing Union Medical College

  • said office workers, bus drivers and other employees
  • who have to sit for long hours during the working day
  • are struggling to apply their exercise plan in everyday
  • life to offset the risks of a stable lifestyle.

"Our study can offer them an alternative option to stay fit," 

he added :

explaining that there are activities suitable for them

such as hiking, cycling or running.

"The results need to be confirmed in future long studies," said Stephen B.

Hemsfeld :

a professor at the Bennington Biomedical Research Center

who was not involved in the study.

It should be noted that WHO

guidelines recommend that adults perform at least 150 minutes of moderate

physical activity per week, or 75 minutes of strong physical activity per week.

However :

many individuals find this recommendation difficult to meet.

Food that helps weight loss

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov points out the presence of low-calorie foodstuffs

which actually help to get rid of excess weight.

According to him, these substances in addition to containing low calories

should be rich in dietary fibre and a low indicator of blood sugar level.

Because the high indicator "stimulates" the hormones responsible for feeling

hungry which accelerates the accumulation of fat. 

A person's meal intake and energy are also important.

Miasnikov refutes :

the myth of having foods with a negative calorie content

this myth suggests that digesting any substance such as celery

fish or others requires more high calories than the substance contains. 

This way excess weight can be eliminated. He says this is a totally wrong premise.

According to him :

some materials may actually help to lose weight including :

Chili pepper is thought to help shed excess weight because it accelerates

metabolism :

which is useful for the stomach :

because it has anti-ulcerative properties and helps to digest food quickly.

Chili pepper is a good and useful spice, but it is not a magic stick to affect weight.

Pineapple :

Pineapple contains certain enzymes that

quickly divide proteins, fat, etc. But that doesn't mean it reduces their absorption.

  • True makes a person feel better in the state of their stomach
  • but it is difficult to lose weight using pineapple.
  • Unless a person only eats pineapple.

Green tea :

this tea is actually very useful, because it improves digestion and contains

many polyphenols and other bioactive useful substances.

It also has anti-tumor properties.

Yes :

  • it can reduce weight if a person has only green tea
  • because when they eat anything else with them their magic 
  • will disappear and the miracle will not happen.

According to him :

of course these are useful foodstuffs on the health nutrition list

but have no magical effect.

He says:

"To reduce weight, a person must determine the type of food he eats

how much he eats, when he eats and who he eats.

When a person is able to strike a balance between these four things

he or she will determine his or her diet and then begin to shed excess weight. "