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Lobster appearance at Biden-Macron dinner sparked a wave of criticism


Lobster appearance at Biden-Macron dinner sparked a wave of criticism

The White House's decision to present

a lobster dish at the dinner of US Presidents Joe Biden and France's Emmanuel Macron drew criticism from politicians, environmental activists and even culinary experts.

American cuisine is known for its lobster from Maine in the northeast, and it was crustaceans from there that were brought to the White House for dinner. But lobster fishing in the state, according to

the Wall Street Journal

has recently been at the centre of a legal and regulatory dispute over the potential damage that fishermen's equipment causes to endangered Greenland whales.

Earlier :

wo environmental groups warned consumers not to buy lobster in Maine.

In November, the "Whole Foods" supermarket chain suspended popular seafood sales, saying it did not meet sustainability standards.

Against this background

the appearance of 200 lobsters

from Maine at the dinner party did not go unnoticed.

"If Lobster Maine is good enough to present at the White House, why not be good enough for all seafood retailers, including Whole Foods," Susan Collins, a Maine senator, wrote in a tweet.

Ocean protection organizations

and their resources expressed outrage

and Gabe Brogan, a leader of Oceana

said :

  •  It was a shock when it was announced that lobster from Maine was on
  • the White House list at the state dinner,"
  • for dinner, such as Gulf of Mexico shrimp or the Atlantic scallop.

The head of the regional fishing center

Billy Milliken

also criticized the lobster cooking recipe

which :

according to the White House list

cooks with oil and serves with a side dish.

Unfortunately, lobster does not fit any of these side dishes, although if that is the real Maine lobster, it is difficult for anything to spoil it, he said.

According to media reports, Biden and Macron's dinner cost half a million dollars.

Biden and Macron dinner cost half a million dollars

CNN revealed that the White House spent $ 500 thousand on President Joe Biden's dinner and French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Thursday.

Our last data is half a million dollars, the network said.

That amount included expensive dishes and decorations, as well as rental of dishes.

BFMTV previously reported that the White House dinner menu included lobster, caviar, ravioli zucchini and beef with parsley, potatoes, cheese, orange cake and fried pickles with citrus sauce and ice cream.

"Is it the kiss of death?" US presenter mocks

Biden's use of "power style" against Macron (video)

US Fox News presenter Jesse Waters mocked the long handshake between US Presidents Joe Biden and France and Emmanuel Macron during the latter's visit to Washington.

Commenting on the handshake :

which :

  • according to footage from the leaders' meeting
  • took more than 30 seconds, Waters said

  • "So far, Joe has not been successful in making a strong impact on
  • the same French leader, which he needs"

noting that Macron criticized Biden in the summer of 2021 for his hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, which put the United States "in trouble with its old ally."

The journalist continued :

Early this morning (Thursday)

Biden grabbed Macron's hand and didn't leave him, he couldn't leave it. Macron didn't know what to do. 

Remember :

no one messes with Biden

(Watter here refers to a profane word Biden uttered during a visit to Arizona last October). Was that Irish power style, or was it a death kiss? I want to ask, "What is this?"

Macron makes an official visit to the United States from November 29 to December 2. On Thursday, the French president held talks with his U.S. counterpart at the White House.