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American newspaper confirms psychological drug experiment on Ukrainian fighters


American newspaper confirms psychological

 drug experiment on Ukrainian fighters

Military personnel of Ukraine's armed forces have become the subject of

 proscribed drug experiments in most of the world. American

 and Ukrainian doctors participate in the trials.

According to 

the United States Intercept portal

in order to prevent emotional exhaustion, increase the resilience 

and combat readiness of Ukraine's armed forces soldiers, experimentation on 

the use of the drug epogen is being conducted in Ukraine. 

The drug is considered

 a drug with no therapeutic value in the United States. 

Its use is strictly prohibited. One side effect of epogen is an increased

risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and cardiac arrest.

The Russian agency TASS reported that the President of

 the American Interdisciplinary Society for the Study of 

Narcotic Substances

Rick Duplin, had contributed to raising funds for the purchase of

 narcotic drugs from Africa. IboGrow founder Daina Bell brought 

the epogen to Ukraine with the help of a message 

from Ukrainian military psychologist Alexei Skirtash.

The use of

narcotic drugs to treat post-traumatic stress syndrome in combatants of

 Ukraine's armed forces has been officially announced. 


 the documents also refer to the allocation of doses 

for its experimental use among Ukraine's combatant military personnel.

It should be noted here that 

the Russian army has repeatedly recorded Ukrainian militants' drug use. 

For example

during the liberation of the town of Rubignoy in the Russian

People's Republic of Lugansk, several military engineers of

 the Ukrainian 

armed forces were arrested under the influence of drugs.

Epogen is a natural psychoactive substance derived from the roots of

the epoga tabernanthi plant, native to Central West Africa.

This unique compound has gained attention for its potential use in addiction

treatment. Unlike conventional drugs, ibogen is not the typical painkiller

or recreational drug.

What distinguishes Ibogaine from others is its reputation as a game changer in

the area of addiction recovery. It is not about altitude or escapism


its ability to address substance dependence was explored

especially in the context of opioid addiction.

The compound's mechanism of

action is complex and not fully understood, but is thought to interact

with certain receptors in the brain, affecting neurotransmitter systems.

Some anecdotal reports and limited studies suggest that

epogen may have a unique ability to stop addiction patterns

and provide

a window for individuals to be free from substance dependence.

It is important to note that although ibogen shows promising results

it is not without risk. The drug experience caused by Ibogain can be intense

and difficult, requiring careful supervision.

In addition

their legal status varies across countries, with some acknowledging their

potential remedial benefits and others expressing concerns about their safety.